Does Your Website Have These Five Key Ingredients?

Website check list.

In my opinion, a website should be a marketing tool now-a-days, not just a place where people can find out information about your company, but it should be a resource for potential customers, clients and visitors.  Gone is the day of the brochure website i’m afraid (although I am sure that some people will disagree with me).

We have a long list of checks that should be considered when building a website, but here are a selection of just five that we feel are valuable ingredients for your website if you would like it to be successful.   If you can answer “yes” to a good percentage of the above, then you are on the road to website success and that all important conversion of visitors into sales.

Check point #1 – Calls To Action.

When you look at your website’s home page, can you see any calls to action?  By this I mean, are you giving your visitors something to do on your site?  Rather than just displaying your telephone number, do you have the words “call us” before it?  Do you have your social media links on there with the words “follow us”?  Have you got any data capture or free give-aways for your audience such as an eBook, a discount voucher or this months special offer? If you are in recruitment, is your job search prominent about the fold of the site?  If you are an estate agent, can potential buyers search your properties without having to click around your website to find it?  If you are selling a product, do you have strong calls to action to get them to buy?

Check point #2 – What is your “you to we ratio”?

Your website should be built with your customer in mind.  As an experiment, take your opening paragraph on your home page, and see how many times you say words such as “we, us, our” etc.  Now write a list to see how many times you say “you”.   For those sites that talk about “we were established in XXXX and have XX years experience within the blah blah industry, really should be shot at dawn.  This type of information has it’s place, and this is in the about us section of your website, NOT the home page.  The home page is special, and should be built with the customer in mind.

Check point #3 – Telephone Number in the header

Or anywhere visible without having to click to find it.  It is a well known fact that the more your visitors have to click to find information, the more it dilutes that all important conversion.  One of the most important aspects of your website should be your telephone number, or prominent email address.  Is this number displayed above the fold of the website (in the top half of the site) if yes, then give yourself a pat on the back.  If you can only find your number in small writing at the bottom of your page, or visitors have to click on the contact us page, then please have a quiet word with your website developers to see if they can change this for you.

Check point #4 – Do you have regular content on your site?

One of the biggest factors to be found on search engines now-a-days is new content.  And I am not talking about changing the odd word here and there, I am talking about chunks of text, that are relevant to your business or industry that offers value to your audience.  Having a blog, relevant news, articles etc on your website is a key ingredient if you would like to be found on Google and other search engines.

Check point #5 – Is your site legal?

Have you added the important and legal information to your website?  If you are a limited company in the UK, then you need to display your company registration details within your site.  Most people display this information as a footnote, or within their terms of business, or simply add it to the contact us page, but if you are a Limited organisation, and you do not display this information then I believe that you are not compliant.   Other areas to consider are pop up cookie notifications.  If you are collecting people’s personal data (you are asking them to complete a form), then I would also recommend adding a privacy policy to your website (although this is not a legal requirement).  I am sure you will agree with me, that some people are a little skeptical now-a-days when it comes to handing over personal information, so It adds an element of confidence and credibility if the said site has a good privacy policy displayed.

How did you do on your website?  Did you get 5/5?  I would love to hear from you.  Please feel free to comment below.

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