Empathy – are you feeling it?

Empathy, are you feeling it?

Once upon a time, there was a man who lived on a ranch in California. Businesses paid him tens of thousands of dollars to write sales letters, and he had a waiting list measured in months. When I say they paid tens of thousands of dollars for sales letters, I mean they paid those sorts

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Four Team Toxins That Could Be Derailing Your Business

4 team toxins that could be derailing your business

I am lucky enough to have written for the Green Umbrella blog several times. In previous posts I have focused on recruitment; covering topics such as how to avoid common mistakes when interviewing and generally looking at how to get the best people into your business and retain their talent.

Claiming 100% Capital allowances – How valuable is it?

Claiming Capital Allowances

Capital allowances refer to sums of money a UK business can deduct from the overall profits chargeable to corporation tax or income tax. These sums derive from certain purchases or investments and are typically claimed for: The cost of vans and cars, machines, scaffolding, ladders, tools, equipment, furniture, computers and similar items you use in

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Finding Great Fits, And Letting Them Go. Or Suffering The Consequences Of Letting Them Stay…

Finding The Perfect Fit

“I’m really sorry” I said “but I’m going to have to let you go”. Her eyes filled with tears, and I had to struggle to keep it together because I knew she was a single mum, and now without a job. Difficult. Yet the firm I was working with need not have gotten into that

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