What Is The Most Popular Article On Your Website?


Life is so much easier if you have the right tools for the job, and this is exactly how I felt when I discovered this particular tool. If you are struggling for ideas to write for your blog, or if you are looking for additional content to post onto social networking sites, then this tool

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How To Implement A Video Strategy For Better Search Engine Results

Video Marketing for Search Engines

Video marketing is becoming more and more important as more users gain access to mobile and tablet devices, as well as faster Internet connections. This is then taking a huge impact on businesses as it is encouraging them to re-think their marketing strategy. Seeing as video has taken such a rise in popularity, it would

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The Three Best Things About Running A Business

Self-employed sign with a beautiful day on background

Running a business can come with plenty of stress and overtime, but there are still thousands of people every year who create a start-up. Even in times of financial austerity, where businesses can drop like flies, owning your own business is seen by many people as the ultimate dream. So what are the three best

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What Business Books Did I Read This Month?

Insanely Simple The Obsession that drives Apple's success - Book Review

Each month I read a minimum of two books that will either enhance my business life, or my personal life.  I set this goal for myself in December 2013.  It has been a real interesting journey, and this month has been no exception. In September, I read, two books and both were business related.

How To Protect Your Business From Data Theft and Cybercrime

How secure is your computer. This episode talks about computer security, cybercrime and data theft

We all use a large amount of technology on a daily basis to perform our work. Desktop PC’s or Macs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones make it very easy for us to view, amend or create data, wherever we are. But they do mean that security of that data is much harder to achieve. Just think

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What Does SEO Mean In 2014?

SEO - search engine optimization

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can’t be thought of as a sole activity anymore. We have to think of SEO as part of a wider strategy, a content strategy. This is not to be confused with content marketing that is also part of the overall picture but not what defines the strategy. Having said that with

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The New Facebook Bookmarking Tool

How to use the new Facebook saved feature

This is a very clever little feature that Facebook introduced a little while ago. As they have just released the functionality on their mobile version, I thought it was worthy of a quick blog article and video to show you how it works. Facebook is full of news articles, recommendations, blogs and videos. The speed

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What Really Makes You Brilliant at Winning Clients?

Guest Blogger Jackie Jarvis talks about success and passion

…… the secret is that it is not about techniques Sales Expert and Author Jackie Jarvis introduces her top 5 secret ingredients: 1. It’s all about how you think about selling. When you think about selling yourself or your service how do you feel? Anticipation, excitement or dread? What thoughts secretly run through your mind?

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What Is The Difference Between A Sole Trader and Limited Company?

Sole Trader or Limited COmpany

So now that you have decided to set up your own business one of the most important decisions to make (once you have settled on a name for your business) is to decide whether to trade as a Sole Trader or as a Limited Company. If you decide to set up a Limited Company you

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