LinkedIn Are Making These Eight BIG Changes For Groups


Do you manage a LinkedIn group? Are you considering running a new group? If so, then please consider these new changes (being implemented October 14th, 2015) before you spend a lot of time creating your masterpiece. LinkedIn is on a mission to stop spam within groups. However, some people are saying that they may have

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Avoid The Six Most Common Mistakes That Prevent Successful Sales


My name is Jackie Jarvis, and I am the author of Quick Wins in sales and marketing. I am a business owner, (Director of Heart of Business), business development mentor, and Sales Expert. My blog today is all about Sales Mistakes and what you need to do to avoid them!

A Quick Way To Create A Facebook Profile Video


I was so excited when I saw the new Facebook profile picture feature, which allows you to upload a small video (a bit like an animated gif) that loops when people click on it.  It’s really quite cool, and I am sure we are going to start seeing some very creative videos out there. Before

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How To Recruit Effortlessly Using LinkedIn – Webinar

Webinar - how to recruit effortlessly using Linkedin

Working in partnership with the fabulous Jon Baker and Heather Townsend from Excedia, we are delighted to announce a new webinar for those of you interested in learning a little bit more about LinkedIn. Don’t worry, this webinar is not focused on “This is how to make the most of your profile”, as so many

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Do You Use Social Media For Reputation Management?


One of my most successful workshops is “How To Win Business Using Social Media”. The first exercise is for the delegates to define their social media goals and objectives. When you ask a room full of people “why should your business use social media?”, the majority will start listing key objectives that will ultimately result

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Facebook Is NOT Creating A Dislike Button


Isn’t it amazing how media can influence your thoughts?  The announcement of the Facebook dislike button sucked me in well and truly.  I am the first one to put my hand in the air and say that I didn’t watch the video properly.  I simply read the article from the BBC and instantly made my

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My Recommended Reads For This Month (Two Excellent Business Books)

Julia's recommended books for the month of September.

One of my goals for 2014 (yes, last year), was to read at least two books a month that will enhance my business skills, personal life or my productivity. I did not set this as a priority goal for 2015. Consequently, you know what it is like, if it is not written down then it

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