Social Media Scheduling Tool Is My New Secret Sauce….ssssshhhh!

MeetEdgar, the social scheduling tool

I have discovered a new tool that has saved me approximately 3 hours a week. Yes! That is 12 hours a month that I can now spend doing more important stuff. This tool is unique, and although I am still a Hootsuite fan for running my teams, I have become an Edgar fan overnight for

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How Much Do You Trust Free Wi-Fi Hot Spots?


Free Wi-Fi is everywhere these days, coffee shops, pubs, airports, supermarkets, hotels, and even just walking down any high street you may come across many random free connections as you pass by. But how safe is it to use these free connections ? Well the short answer is that if you have taken precautions then

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What Are the Top 5 Worries Keeping Recruiters up at Night?

What are the top 5 challenges that keep recruiters awake at night?

Not so long ago, we did a survey to determine what the biggest challenges are that recruiters face. And what we found was actually pretty cool. Despite targeting agencies in different sectors UK wide, there were five top challenges that swept the board. So what the heck are these challenges, and more importantly – what

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Are You Suffering From Blog Phobia? Don’t Worry, You Are Not Alone.


Most business owners now understand the importance of having unique content on your website, especially if you have any chance of being found in Google searches.  But putting pen to paper, or keyboard to screen can sometimes be a challenging task.  What on earth do you write about?  Where do you start? Before I share

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Modern Marketing vs Traditional Marketing!

Is Traditional Marketing Dead?

We are in a modern world with modern technologies which has resulted with a modern approach to marketing. This is great! It does beg the question though, what about traditional marketing? Is there still a place for it? Let me take a moment to get a tad boring and define traditional marketing. Traditional marketing is

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Are You Suffering From Super Hero Syndrome?

Green Umbrella Superhero

I am not sure about you, but even after 12 years as a business owner, I still suffer from the super hero syndrome. If these scenarios sound familiar to you, then I am afraid that I have some bad news for you, as you also have this terrible disease! You enjoy doing administration work You

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What Business Books Did I Read This Month?

This months business book reviews by Julia Doherty

If you have been following my blog for a while, you may know that I set myself a goal of reading at least two books a month. The areas that I decided to focus on were: – Better business practices Productivity Social Media and online marketing techniques Personal development Sometimes I read more than two

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Six Tips To Grow Your Facebook Page Without Paying For Adverts

Facebook Question

I am a big fan of Social Media Examiner, and I have been for a number of years now. I think I have never missed an episode of their podcast and I this is probably one of the main sources of my forever growing knowledge on this exciting industry. I was inspired to write this

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