How Social Is Social Media?

Anti Social Media

I’ve seen quite a few posts and videos on social media lately, about social media itself, that have got me thinking… How social is social media? Let’s face it, most of us are on Facebook, perhaps Twitter too. We look at photos on Instagram, we pin to our virtual pinboards on Pinterest; we connect with

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Oy, give me money – Communicating your crowd fund concept on Kickstarter.

Crowd funding | Kickstarter | Video production

I assume that everyone reading this is familiar with the concept of a crowd funded project. Just in case though it is this. You come up with a brilliant idea for a project You show people your idea on a site like Kickstarter People donate money to help you reach the target funds you need,

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Why Do LinkedIn Keep Moving Things Around?

More changes on LinkedIn

Do you get frustrated that LinkedIn often remove things, make features look different, or they decide that things could be easier so they implement some new features, then forget to tell us?  There have been many new changes within LinkedIn in the last month.  At GUHQ we keep receiving calls and live chat questions on

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Outsourcing: The What, When, Who, Where & How


There’s a lot to consider when you’re thinking about outsourcing, it can be difficult to hand over work to another party. You may well be justifiably worried as you don’t know what the result will be, and this work was important! Have no fear, outsource agencies are specialists in their fields; your work is safe

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Keeping It Simple

Business Concept

I think many people have the wrong impression of simple. Simple isn’t boring or easy. Simple is sophisticated, not lazy. In a world where people are so busy, life moves too fast, your diary is bursting at the seams and the To Do list is never fully crossed off, simplicity really is key! Simplicity itself

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Why Google My Business Pages Are So Important And How To Get Yours Ranking

Local Search Results

Formally known as Google Places, the relatively new format of Google My Business pages are a vital element of any local businesses online marketing campaign, because having one that is working correctly can have a big impact on not only traffic to a website, but for visitors to the actual physical location of the businesses

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Time Management For Business Leaders: ‘Busyness’ versus ‘Business’

busy business people | time management

Can you remember the last time you asked a fellow business owner how they were and didn’t hear them say now busy/tired/under pressure they were? No, I can’t either. This article is about this widespread and vital subject for any business owner/manager: just how do we manage our time effectively when everything depends on us?

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How Do I Network Efficiently?

business people having a networking lunch

Did you know that recommendation is the strongest form of marketing? Quite often, it’s the cheapest, too. Attending a networking meeting is one way to build up your reputation and increase your chance of being recommended. A networking group is on average a meeting of 20 professionals who come together for a networking meeting to

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