Do You Have The Courage To Say “No”?

Just say no, blog article by Jason Perry

Over the years I’ve worked in recruitment, I’ve learnt to recognise a tendency of good recruiters to say “yes” and simply worry about the details of “how” later.  Anyone who has worked in that industry will I’m sure recall a colleague who always said yes to a prospective client, but would follow this with cursing

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Catch The Pigeon And Score Higher In Local Search Engine Rankings

SEO - search engine optimization

Are you looking for better search engine prominence for your local business? In July 2014 Google made changes to the way it ranked local business search results in the United States. These algorithm changes were named Pigeon by some SEO commentators and join the other animals that Google has unleashed on its search engine. Pigeon’s

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Don’t Take That Tone With Me!

Online Marketing | Tone of Voice

When marketing your product or service, tone of voice is one of our biggest brand-building weapons. But what is tone of voice? I like to tell people that it’s the language we use, the way we construct sentences, the sound of our words, their order, rhythm and pace and the personality that they communicate. Essentially

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What Is The Most Popular Article On Your Website?


Life is so much easier if you have the right tools for the job, and this is exactly how I felt when I discovered this particular tool. If you are struggling for ideas to write for your blog, or if you are looking for additional content to post onto social networking sites, then this tool

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How To Implement A Video Strategy For Better Search Engine Results

Video Marketing for Search Engines

Video marketing is becoming more and more important as more users gain access to mobile and tablet devices, as well as faster Internet connections. This is then taking a huge impact on businesses as it is encouraging them to re-think their marketing strategy. Seeing as video has taken such a rise in popularity, it would

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The Three Best Things About Running A Business

Self-employed sign with a beautiful day on background

Running a business can come with plenty of stress and overtime, but there are still thousands of people every year who create a start-up. Even in times of financial austerity, where businesses can drop like flies, owning your own business is seen by many people as the ultimate dream. So what are the three best

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What Business Books Did I Read This Month?

Insanely Simple The Obsession that drives Apple's success - Book Review

Each month I read a minimum of two books that will either enhance my business life, or my personal life.  I set this goal for myself in December 2013.  It has been a real interesting journey, and this month has been no exception. In September, I read, two books and both were business related.

How To Protect Your Business From Data Theft and Cybercrime

How secure is your computer. This episode talks about computer security, cybercrime and data theft

We all use a large amount of technology on a daily basis to perform our work. Desktop PC’s or Macs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones make it very easy for us to view, amend or create data, wherever we are. But they do mean that security of that data is much harder to achieve. Just think

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