Claiming 100% Capital allowances – How valuable is it?

Claiming Capital Allowances

Capital allowances refer to sums of money a UK business can deduct from the overall profits chargeable to corporation tax or income tax. These sums derive from certain purchases or investments and are typically claimed for: The cost of vans and cars, machines, scaffolding, ladders, tools, equipment, furniture, computers and similar items you use in

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Finding Great Fits, And Letting Them Go. Or Suffering The Consequences Of Letting Them Stay…

Finding The Perfect Fit

“I’m really sorry” I said “but I’m going to have to let you go”. Her eyes filled with tears, and I had to struggle to keep it together because I knew she was a single mum, and now without a job. Difficult. Yet the firm I was working with need not have gotten into that

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Five Marketing Strategies to Embrace For Success In 2015

5 Marketing Habits to Adopt in 2015

The digital marketing world moves at such a fast pace that I struggle to keep up to date, so I wonder how business owners and senior executives have time to learn about how all the new developments will impact their business. Short answer – you do not! As new year is a time to adopt

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Don’t Show Me The Money

Don't show me the money

Vicky Boulton, Marketing Consultant for Fuel, talks about the importance of honesty in business, in order to encourage trust, loyalty and success. You can never underestimate the value and implications of honesty in business. And I find myself agreeing 100% with Mary Kay Ash’s quote. “Honesty is the cornerstone of all success, without which confidence

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The True Value of Social Media

True Value of Social Media

One of the most common problems I get as a social mediator is reassuring the client that there is a true value in what they’re doing when it comes to their social media activities and content marketing strategy. For many SME’s there is a realisation that they should be active on social media, but the

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Five Marketing Habits To Adopt In 2015

Five quick wins in sales and marketing

Jackie Jarvis Business Development Expert and Author of Quick Wins in Sales and Marketing, which gives you an introduction to 5 Quick Wins from the five chapters of her new book. (Published by Little and Brown April 2015) These inspiring, proven ideas will help you grow your business NOW! From Chapter 1 ‘Quick Wins, to

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Top Tips To Transform Your LinkedIn Profile Into A Ninja Marketing Tool

Top Tips To Transform Your LinkedIn Profile Into A Ninja Marketing Tool-10373

Some people wrongly assume that LinkedIn is just for recruiters. Yes, it is an incredible recruitment tool, but it is also a fabulous tool for other industries as well. I was surprised to read a recent article that showcased the top industry sectors on LinkedIn, which did not include Recruitment. If you work in any

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