Do You Have A Strong Personal Brand?

Building a powerful personal brand

Click to listen to the audio version of this blog.   Everyone has a Personal Brand in fact YOU are your brand! You have a personality, skills, experience, knowledge and so much more that is unique to you. When you meet other people, they make instant decisions about you based on the image you

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Content Marketing Secrets You Wish You Knew A Year Ago.

Content Marketing Secrets

Before I talk about the secrets of content marketing, let me first define what I mean by “content marketing”. There are many types of content marketing strategies however, for the benefit of this blog, I will be concentrating on blog writing, social networking updates, podcasting, videos, and producing books.  I know this sounds like a

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Is There A Solution To The Overuse Of ‘Solutions’?


It’s time for me to put together another blog article for Green Umbrella. I’ve just thought of something and said to myself, “Oh yes!” … and now I’m thinking, “Shall I?” “Shall I?” What the heck! I’m doing it! As you may have gathered, I hit on an idea. Then I had to consider it

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How To Create The Perfect Tweet

How to create the perfect tweet

I’ve been an active Twitterer since 2009 and I love this fast paced platform.  I find it more of a “newsworthy” social media site, and it is the first place that I go to find out the latest news and updates for the UK, as well as my niche industry (recruitment). If you want to

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Five Ways To Improve Your Customer Base

Five ways to improve your customer base

  How does it feel when your phone rings?   Are you excited by the possibility that it’s one of your favourite customers calling? Or do you find yourself praying it won’t be one of the awkward ones who seem to squeeze you dry? When I’m working with the owners of small businesses I ask them

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I’m Sick – Leave A Message After The Cough..

I'm sick - leave a message after the cough...

Speaking to her son one morning, a mother didn’t believe him when he said he wasn’t well enough to go school and asked him to give her two reasons why he shouldn’t have to go, to which he replied “Well the kids hate me for one and so do the teachers”.  Not convinced, the mother

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