Five Twitter Tips To Help Your Business Thrive

Five Twitter Tips

If you are a local business then you should be on Twitter! If business networking such as BNI, FSB Meetings, business lunches, breakfast clubs etc. work for your business, then you should be on Twitter.  Period. Twitter is a thriving community for local business and it is so easy to tap into if you know

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Five Top Facebook Tools to Help Your Business

Facebook tools

I love Facebook, so I am forever looking at new ways to become engaged with my audience.  Over the last few years I have discovered some amazing tools that assist you in becoming creative with your post ideas, saving you time and above all, helping your community to find your content easily. Here are my

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Do you suffer from distraction at work?

Anti Social distraction software

Do you suffer from the “Oh, that’s shiny syndrome?” By this I mean that you have your notifications on constantly from Hootsuite, Twitter, Facebook, and you can’t help but get distracted by a new tweet or status update?  Or perhaps you have Tweet Deck which constantly “pings” in the background of your Mac or PC?

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5 Facebook Business Page functions that you may have missed..

Export your Facebook events into your Outlook Calendar!

Every now and then Facebook tend to make some “minor” changes, which actually make your life a lot easier, but they do not shout about it from the rooftops.  So, here are ten Facebook Page new(ish) features, that you may not have noticed, but will certainly make a difference to your everyday Facebook management of

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3 x new Facebook Page features that you may not have noticed

Post promotion

I read lots of blog articles, attend social media webinars, listen to social media podcasts and they all say the same thing… now that Facebook has gone public we will not see as many new changes to the Facebook platform, as people do not like change and the share holders want to protect their investment.

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iPad Apps recommended for all social media activities


As promised, here is week 2 of the iPad apps that we recommend for the use of Social Media and connecting with people. Believe me, as someone who is genuinely interested in any type of application for social media, I have tried and tested a lot! So these are my top 9 apps:- Lets start

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