6 New Marketing Workshops for June 2016!

Marketing and Social Media Workshops Daventry Northamptonshire

“When are your next workshops Julia?”

After the success of our workshops earlier in the year, we have made the decision to run them again.  Hooray I hear… but there is more!  This time not only have we updated the content for the main social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn,Twitter & Instagram), but we also decided to add a brand new workshop for Pinterest for business owners.

We only have limited space of 15 places per workshop.  The price is now £35 per workshop, but we encourage you to use the early bird code: Web2016  to receive a 20% discount. This code will only be available until 28th April and then the normal price will resume.

How do I book?

Facebook for Business Workshop.

A series of six workshops starts with the most complex of social media platforms, and that is Facebook. This session is for people who have been working with Facebook for a while, and really want to know how to make it to the next level.  If you have not yet set up a page then this session is not for you.  I will be showcasing strategies such best practice for communicating with other businesses, looking at ways to get more likes, and also best practice for the latest live streaming features in groups and pages.

Facebook for business workshop - Daventry

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Twitter for Business Workshop

In this workshop we will be moving on from the basics, so we will not be covering things like retweets, comments, and Twitter language.  This workshop is focused on strategies such as list building, hashtag hours, follower/following ratio and the best practice for implementing a communication strategy.   This workshop does showcase lots of tools that will save you time and make you look more professional with every tweet that is sent.  If you are wondering, how often should I tweet?  What should I tweet?  When should I Tweet? How to get more followers? Then this workshop is for you.  If you have not yet looked at Twitter then please consider booking a 121 coaching session with us instead.

Twitter for Business workshops in Daventry

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LinkedIn for Business Workshop

LinkedIn has seen many changes over the last six months with products that have come and gone.  If you are in the B2B sector and you are looking at enhancing your LinkedIn strategies then this is a workshop for you.  This is not a workshop that walks you through your profile set up (although we will touch on this at the end of the session), this is a workshop that goes through sourcing and connecting with your target audience.  For this workshop you will already have a profile, and perhaps a company page.

Linkedin workshop Daventry

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Instagram Workshop

If you have a younger target audience then Instagram is for you.  This is a beginners course which will take you through the features of Instagram as well as some nifty tools to make your Instagram account shine above the rest.

Instagram workshop Daventry

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Pinterest for Business Workshop

Delivered by our in-house Pinterest expert, Lizzi Holt, we are offering this workshop for business owners who are fairly new to Pinterest.  You will ideally already have a Pinterest account set up, with a few boards created, however we will deconstruct those boards with you and make sure that they are built correctly.  In this workshop you will be shown tools on how to make Pinterest more Pinteresting, and all those little tools and techniques that you would not know unless someone showed you the light!  To book, click the image below.

Pinterest workshop in Daventry

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Blogging for business work

Blogging is a necessity nowadays, especially if Google rankings are important to you.  This workshop if for those that already have a blog or you have “news” on your website that you can edit yourself.  We will be working through a 13 point system to and teach you a little bit about SEO in the interim.  I guarantee that you will walk about with many lightbulb moments and actionable steps to improve your business.  Book now, click the link below.

Learn the art of blogging workshop in Daventry

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