Computer Says No!!!

Computer Says No!!!

I used to love Little Britain, David Walliams and Matt Lucas were always guaranteed to make me laugh. From their character who said “Eh Eh Eh” (I can’t remember her name!), through to Marjorie Daws running the slimming club and talking about “eating dust”, but the one that used to make me smile the most, was the bank employee who would, when asked for something, would look at the computer and say “computer says no!”, thus ending that conversation!

In sales, we can sometimes feel that our customers are that character! Picture the scene ….., we work hard to understand their business and their problems, we build that rapport, we present our solution, and we sit, pen poised ready to sign that deal, but instead of an agreement to go ahead ……………. “computer says no”!! Game over!!!!

Or is it?

If we can establish why the customer is saying no and what their “objection” is, we can still go ahead to win the deal, and turn that “no” into a “yes”. The bottom line is we need to find out why they are putting up the barrier, and it is important to ask the question.

In all of the industry sectors I have worked with, there tend to be four general objections that come out, and these are

It’s too expensive
We have a current supplier
I can do it myself
I have had a bad experience with your company and/or industry sector

So let’s address these individually ….

It’s too expensive!

We answer – “compared to what?” We need to ascertain exactly what we are being compared to, is it oranges and oranges or is it oranges and bananas! Until you know what you are being compared to you can’t begin or offer any solution, so it is imperative to ask that question!

We have a current supplier

Just because they have a current supplier, does not mean that they are happy, and we need to find this out. We answer – How do you feel about their service levels? Has there ever been a time that they haven’t been able to help you? By asking these questions, we can begin to understand if this is a real objection or not!!!

I can do it myself

I used to hear this a lot when I was in recruitment, and the one thing I wanted to find out was how that worked for them? Just because they can do it themselves, doesn’t mean that they are happy to continue, so I would begin by asking questions like …

How successful was it?
How does that work for you?
What would happen if they couldn’t fill the role?

In other words, I'd try to find out if it was working and if not, what would they do!

And lastly ….

I have had a bad experience ……

Now this is a good one!! I have won business from many a conversation that started like this, and the best way to deal with it is to show empathy, ask them what happened and follow this up by demonstrating how you are different.
The bottom line with any objection is to find out what is behind it, the more you understand where it is coming from, the better chance you have to turn this around! Your response and how you handle objections takes practice, but believe me, if you are prepared and have rehearsed, in your own words, how you would deal with them you will be effective.

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