Why are Some Facebook and Twitter Posts Suddenly in a Huge Font?If you were wondering why on earth some Facebook posts and also some Twitter posts are appearing in a large font, then you are not alone!

This week, we have received two live chat conversations asking us this question, and also my lovely mum was getting annoyed with the feature on Facebook, so I decided to dig deeper to see what the solution was.

Why do Facebook posts appear in bigger fonts?

The answer is quite simple.  If you are posting less than 35 characters (according to Facebook), then they will automatically increase the font size.  Facebook are playing with the settings though.  I have seen many posts that are more than 35 characters, but still in a larger font, but most of these are still “short” posts.

I asked a few colleagues and they did not seem bothered about the font size.  In their mind it was a feature that Facebook had introduced to let you know that a post was interesting.  Unlike others who felt as if the individual was shouting at them (A BIT LIKE WRITING EVERYTHING IN CAPITAL LETTERS!).



Bottom line – this is a feature that marketers can exploit if executed in the right way!  Shorter posts get more visibility.  It is worth noting that you do not have large font if you add an image or video to the post.  Any type of media will remove the large font feature.  It is unclear if this feature is available on Facebook pages yet, but it is certainly available on personal profiles.

How do you remove the feature?

If you want to write a short post, but you do not want to appear as if you are shouting to your audience, then you have two options:-

a) Add media to your post

b) Add lots of spaces to your post.

What do you think?  Does the large font on Facebook annoy you?  I'd be interested to know.


Why are some Twitter posts appearing as large fonts?

Strangely enough, I could not find a large font Tweet in my feed today, so perhaps Twitter have decided to remove the feature, or are tweaking it?

Twitter's large font size is completely different to Facebook's algorithm.  Twitter's changes are to do with the popularity of a post.  Posts that have more likes, replies and retweets will be awarded by a large font tweet.  It is unclear at this stage how many retweets you need, or how much engagement is needed on the post.