Good news! Twitter’s Character Limit Is Staying At 140 Characters, Not 10,000!

Good news!  Twitter's Character Limit is Staying at 140 characters, not 10,000!

Twitter have finally realised that what makes them different and unique is the 140 character limit.  It is the bite-sized chunks of information allowing people to absorb a message quickly that makes Twitter so attractive. 

I feel a bit of a fraud as I have been telling people that the 10,000 character limit is due for release for a while now, and this information was all based on various sources from the social media gurus such as Social Times, Social Media Examiner, Social Media Today, Mashable etc. 

Twitter's DM limit is 10,000 characters

Twitter introduced the increase in characters from 140 to 10,000 for direct messages back in August 2015, and it was only a matter of months before the rumours started about the extra character limits being added to regular tweets.  We were seeing blogs online that were saying “twitter has introduced the 10,000 character limit to certain accounts as a testing ground.  The first 140 characters will be shown, and then you will see “continue reading” just like this below (original post is here)

Twitter 10,000 character limit.

Twitter CEO teases the 10,000 limit for tweets in January!

There is certainly some confusion as Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter) tweeted a long format Tweet in January, showing people how it would work.  He talks about how others are taking screenshots of text to get more information into a Tweet.

But it was all speculation, and for those that I have told that the 10k limit is on its way, I apologise, as apparently it is not!

It's official – no 10,000 limit on regular tweets

Jack appeared on the Today Show in the US last week, and he confirmed that the 140 character limit is definitely here to stay, no matter what the rumours say.  His actual words were “It's staying! It's a good constraint for us, and it allows for of the moment brevity.”

I personally feel that the pressure of the Tweets where people have said “what a great idea it is for direct messages, but what an awful idea it is for regular tweets” has taken it's toll, and, therefore, they have made the decision to not implement the service.

Here is the video from the Today Show, so you can see for yourself – do you believe him?  He does seem to skim over it very quickly!

Surely Twitter / Jack Dorsey can not dismiss, or totally ignore, polls from well-known influencers such as this tweet from Brandwatch.  I believe it was messages and polls like this that influenced their decision NOT to increase the character limit.  The power of social media is astounding!  I just wish LinkedIn would turn their hearing aid up and start listening to what people are saying about their services, but that's a whole other blog!

The bottom line is that I think that they have made the right decision.  Twitter is unique because of its 140 character limit.  If you are looking for instant news on a topic then the first place to go is Twitter because of the quick way that you can absorb information.  I hope that they stay with this decision, but only time will tell.

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