How Do I know I’m Talking to the Right People on Social Media?

ideal client on social media

This week has been full of meetings with our social media management clients reviewing progress and assessing the value of social media activity for their businesses. Part of measuring the success of social media is about knowing that we have reached the right people and attracted followers that are the target market of the business we’re working with.

Who is your ideal client?

This is one of the first things we ask before embarking on representing a brand. If we don’t know who we should be talking to how can we possibly ensure we are producing the right content?

For us, it should be a simple question. But more often than not, we find that our clients are stumped! It isn’t that they don’t know who they want or need to target – it’s more that they haven’t had to quantify or describe this to anyone before in detail. If you think you might struggle if asked this question, then check out Hubspot’s persona building tool. After answering a few questions, you’ll be presented with an avatar that represents your ideal client/persona.

What if I have more than one ideal client?

Then create multiple personas! At Green Umbrella, our ideal social media management client is different from our ideal social media coaching client. But understanding who these people are and where the similarities and differences are does help us to shape the social media content we produce in order to attract the right audience.

We can also take things a step further and understand which online marketing platforms will be best for attracting each persona. So, then we can shape the content we create, and the way we’ll present it accordingly.

But how do I know if I’m attracting the right audience online?

I’ll admit there is a certain amount of guesswork involved, and it is very hard to really, really know you are talking to the right people. But by monitoring the traffic you attract to your website and the associated on-site behaviour, and the general volume of inbound leads into your business (and their quality) you will soon be able to identify if you’re attracting the wrong audience!

As your audience grows on social media, you will be able to dig into stats and demographics, etc. – but it can take time to get to this point. Please don’t be tempted to manufacture audiences (buying likes and followers is so not cool) – in the long run, an audience that has been built and nurtured over time is far more valuable and loyal!

Social Media Management packages

I was going to add a couple of paragraphs here discussing the functionalities available when it comes to digging into the stats of who’s where online – but then I came across this blog from Social media examiner that does just that for me! The article is about personalisation, but it discusses two things that are worth you looking at.

  1. Twitter Analytics and the information available on the audience tab within this area will tell you about your current audience, and as you gain followers, you will be shown more in-depth information about your audience. (Both based on following and on the reach of your account.) So it is possible for you to get an idea of whether or not the people seeing your content are relevant to you.
  1. Facebook’s Audience Insights – I use this all the time when I’m planning Facebook Advertising campaigns for the first time for a client, and I’m trying to work out who/what interests to target. It gives you an idea of volumes of people who might be relevant by demographics and interests. (This is a little different to your on-page insights tab as it’s showing who you could reach – not who you are reaching.)

There are similar tools and insights on LinkedIn, but if I’m honest, they’re not as informative unless you’re paying a subscription (typical of LinkedIn!).

At the end of the day, whatever the stats tell you, if you haven’t started off knowing who you should be talking to – it’s going to be difficult to know if you’re reaching the people you should be. Think about your personas – draw a stick person and describe them. Then look at your social media profiles and try to see if there’s a correlation. If there isn’t… tweak your content strategy!

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