10 Positive Social Media Accounts you should Follow Right Now

Positive accounts to follow

10 Positive Social Media Accounts you should Follow Right Now

Positive accounts to follow

Social media can be a negative place sometimes. Your timeline can constantly be filled with doom and gloom. But, scroll no further. We have found 10 positive social media accounts you must follow if you are looking to brighten up your feed. From positive quotes, inspirational campaigns and hilarious memes, these accounts are bound to make you smile! 

1) Animals Doing Things

If you are an animal lover, then this is the account for you! It sources the best animal videos, pictures and memes the internet has to offer. From cute looking dogs to mischievous cats, this account will fill your heart with joy. 

@animalsdoingthings Instagram, Facebook & TikTok 

2) Power of Positivity

If you are ever feeling down, then a couple of scrolls on this account will instantly change that. The quotes posted on their page intend to provide daily inspiration, motivation and the tools to live a happier life. The account was created alongside the Power of Positivity media website, which also aims to plant positivity into the hearts of everyone.

@powerofpositivityInstagram and Facebook 

3) Hello Giggles

A great online community, covering issues that matter most in young women’s lives. This account blocks out any negativity and embraces the success of women across the world. The perfect feed to nose dive into and escape. 

@hellogigglesInstagram, Facebook and Twitter 

4) David Attenborough

The nation’s favourite broadcaster. The launch of his new Instagram account saw him land a spot in the Guinness World Records for the fastest time to reach one million followers. The account shares stories from Mr Attenborough and the team behind A Life On Our Planet. Make sure you follow this account to find out the interesting things he’s been getting up to. 


5) Asshole Parents

A great community of parents coming together to share the funny reasons why their children have tantrums. From children crying over getting the wrong coloured cup to being told to stop playing with sharp scissors, these captions will certainly make you chuckle. 



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6) Malin Andersson

A body positivity campaigner who encourages you to feel comfortable in your own skin. This account advocates self-love and ditches photoshop by exposing a ‘real body’. Her great campaign will fill you with self-confidence and self-love. 



7) The Archbishop of Banterbury

If you want to ‘LOL’ then you need to follow this account now. It specialises in sharing comical memes that are relevant to the UK. After describing itself as the ‘Home of Banter’ this account deserves a follow if you want to laugh the night away. 




8) Happiest

Happiest brings you the most entertaining and uplifting content each day, to inspire you to be the happiest possible version of you. Adorable pets, cheeky children and inspirational stories are just some of the things captured on the account. If you ever need cheering up this account is the one for you. 


9) TED

If you are feeling low and need some words of wisdom I recommend you to visit this account. TED shares inspirational TED Talks to keep you motivated. It also sets up affective campaigns for issues faced around the world, such as climate change. 


10) LADBible

We just couldn’t resist including this particular UK news and entertainment account into our top 10! This popular page shares everything from funny animal videos to celebrity gossip. There is no doubt about it that LADBible will have you scrolling for hours!


If you follow all of these positive social media accounts, you will become the best version of yourself. They are all great inspirational and positive pages to follow that will leave you browsing for days. 

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