About us

The digital marketing world changes quickly - and that's why we love it. Working alongside you to get your business seen and heard online is why come to work every morning, that and the sheer pleasure of helping create the digital marketing strategy you need to succeed online. Not that online is everything. Traditional print and design are very much a part of many successful campaigns, in fact, they have a huge impact as part of our integrated approach.

It may sound clichéd, but the truth is that we are proud of being able to meet your needs for everything from business cards to social media coaching to full digital management. It all comes down to what is right for you as our client, and being proactive with your strategy. There is a very big difference between simply knowing what the current digital trend is, and actually applying that to a cohesive, all-encompassing marketing approach for your business.

Our team will help you with everything from basic social media training to the development and implementation of your marketing campaigns - and we'll have fun doing it. Our aim is to integrate with your team so that you see us an extension of your business.

meet the team

Christina Robinson

Christina Robinson

The Overlord ☕️
Managing Director
She's the one in charge. Known for not making the tea on account of being too busy - or so she says!
Mark Mundin

Mark Mundin

The Musical One 🎸
Design & Print Manager
He spends his days making things pretty and keeping Christina in check. That's why we keep him around!
Jane Pollard

Jane Pollard

Chief Organiser 👩‍💻
Project Co-ordinator
You name it - she's got an excel spreadsheet or project management tool tracking it.
Emily Baxter

Emily Baxter

The Brain Box 🧠
Account Co-ordinator
She's full of bright ideas - we're always surprised by what the brain box will share with us next. Rarely makes the coffee.
Pamela Taylor

Pam Taylor

The Scottish One 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Trainer & Social Mediator
You may have heard her in coaching sessions with her Scottish dulcet tones! Prone to quoting a Shakespearean phrase or two!
Jenny Canning

Jenny Canning

The KitKat One 🍫
Content Writer
Fuelled by Lattes and KitKats, she spends her days scouring the net to find the best content for her clients.
Amanda Davies

Amanda Davies

The Rugby Fan 🏉
Marketing & Business Development
With a background in recruitment marketing, Amanda's our marketing all-rounder!
Lynn Scott

Lynn Scott

The Dancer 💃
Social Mediator
Facebook engagement extraordinaire - there's no business she can't represent on this platform.

Tara Oldham

The Chronicle 📖
Blog Writer
She's flexible, adaptable and co-operative...and she's always got an entertaining story to tell!
Helen Martindale

Helen Martindale

The Singing One 🎤
Social Mediator & Blog Writer
Our in-house PR pro. If you need a story writing up - she's your girl!

Helen Bell

The All Rounder 🚗
Social Mediator & Blog Writer
Whilst she has an automotive background, she loves a bit of research and can always find an article for any industry and any occasion.
Mark Carr

Mark Carr

The (Mysterious) Techy One 🖥
Websites & Hosting
Chances of you ever meeting him are few and far between - he's our hidden treasure.

Eric Giraffe

The Furry One 🦒
Marketing & Promos
Since the deflating demise of George Giraffe III, Eric has taken over office mascot duties. He's always up for a selfie!

When Green Umbrella was originally founded as a hobby business in 2009 by Julia Doherty, she had no idea the business would build to the success it is today. The team has grown, the portfolio has expanded, and we have become one of the leading marketing companies in our field. You can read our full story here.