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If you are short of time or lack inspiration for what to post on your social networking sites, then our social media management packages may be just what you are looking for.

We have tried to simplify our pricing structure as although each industry and sector is different, the basics are still the same.  All of our social media management services include:-

An account manager who has an understanding of YOUR industry. (This is what sets us apart from our competitors.)

You receive a weekly report with your network growth figures

A quarterly review that not only reviews your social media activity, but also gives you inspirational ideas for your general online marketing strategy

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£445 + VAT Per Month

  • Investigator Social Media Club Membership
  • Daily Activity - We dedicate 30 mins a day to ONE platform. (Choose from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn)
  • Branded Social Media Template Designs x1
  • Daily Feedback and Weekly Statistics Report
  • Dedicated Account Manager


£795 + VAT Per Month

  • Everything in the Sapling Package Plus...
  • Daily Activity - Additional 30 minutes a day, giving you a total of one hour per day to be spent on up to TWO platforms
  • Additional Social Media Template Designs
  • Blog Writing Service - One article per month
  • Quarterly Review
  • Discounted Paid Ads Management for Facebook or LinkedIn


£1245 + VAT Per Month

  • Everything in the Orchard Plan Plus...
  • Daily Activity - Additional 30 minutes a day, giving you a total of 1.5 hours per day to be spent on up to THREE platforms
  • Additional Social Media Template Designs x3
  • Facebook Cover Photo Designs - 6 per year
  • Google Analytics made easy
  • Quarterly Face to Face Strategy Planning Sessions

For each relevant platform, we will work with you to agree on a budget for advertising that is in line with your objectives. Your adverts will be focused on delivering sales content, such as promoting products, services, testimonials, popular blog articles, advice and tips. 

Included in: All Social Media Management Packages using Facebook and Twitter

Please note: Cost of advertising is NOT included in the monthly cost.

20% of your content should communicate your key sales messages. These posts will be scheduled at optimal times for YOUR network.

Included in: All Social Media Management Packages 

We allocate 30 mins per day per platform, per day for each of your chosen social media platforms. We provide daily activity services for the following platforms: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Included in: All Social Media Management Packages

Includes two webinars a month, Social Snippet publication in the post, weekly round up of what is new, support group and advice, plus an educational video/tool alert each week.

Included in: All Social Media Management Packages

You will be allocated a "social mediator" who has an understanding of your industry and/or target market.

Included in: All Social Media Management Packages

A weekly report includes your network growth figures, a summary of what is working / not working and any new strategies that we are considering implementing in the week ahead for your approval.

Included in: All Social Media Management Packages

If you would like a daily activity report then we are happy to supply this. Most clients usually ask for a daily activity report in the first month, then reduce to a weekly report once we have established the right tone for the account.

Included in: All Social Media Management Packages

We will produce unique articles for your website. All articles will be SEO friendly and between 500 - 1500 words, written on a subject of your choosing. We ensure that your article is uploaded to your website along with a copyright free image. All articles are distributed to your social media sites.

Included in: Orchard and Woodland Packages

Designed posting templates that reflect your brand. We'll use these across your social media, populating them with things such as:

  • Job of the week
  • Fan of the week
  • Employee of the month
  • Throwback Thursday etc.

Included in: All Social Media Packages

We include a quarterly Google analytics report for you, presented in an easy to digest way.

Included in: Woodland Package

For best results on Facebook, we recommend changing your cover photo at least once every two months. Having a professional design for your social media platforms is essential. We will design and upload the cover photos for you. We will agree on a plan of cover photos in the initial stages. Six designs per year.

Included in: Woodland Package

This service includes a full strategy planning session once a quarter. We will include other digital marketing strategies, not just social media.

Included in: Woodland Package

Your cost is flexible depending on your choice of either a 3, 6, or 12 month minimum commitment. After your initial minimum period, you will be switched onto a rolling contract giving you the flexibility to give us 30 days notice at any time.

In order to fully implement your online strategy, and start to see the benefits we recommend you commit to your social media plan for at least 6 months.

“We have worked with the Green Umbrella team for a few years now.  They continuously recommend new and exciting ways of engaging Jobwise’s community which keeps our online presence fresh and engaging.  Their experience shines through and means they can move quickly and creatively to action proactive and reactive opportunities alike. 

We look on the team at Green Umbrella as part of the Jobwise team and know they are as passionate and committed to the Jobwise brand as we are. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for experts in this field!”

Leanne Goodwin

MD, Jobwise

Do I really need 30 mins a day per platform?

We are asked this question daily! In order to explain what happens during the 30 minutes we spend on each of your social networking platforms, we have put together a table of activities that your social mediator will conduct for you.


Minimum posts per day: 2

Daily Management - Sharing your news and photos, responding to notifications, welcoming new businesses, adding trending content, interacting with other business pages, following business pages, adding regular polls, adding your events, creating videos, pinning posts adding to Stories and more.

Brand Awareness

Implement a growth strategy - We have many strategies to grow your network. We keep updated on Facebook algorithm changes as they happen so we are ahead of the game. We also work with Facebook Ads Manager's advanced features to run specific Facebook adverts, which ultimately grow your network with ease.

Beans on Toast - Of all the platforms, Facebook is where "Beans on toast" (or behind the scenes content supplied by you) is most essential. We will post the photos of your birthday celebrations, those award dinners, client training sessions, the baby who comes to visit, the mad person who has just completed a skydive for charity etc. Facebook is all about creating a community and without this element it will really struggle.

Welcome New Connections

Drive Traffic to your Website


Minimum tweets and interactions per day: 6

Daily Management - Adding trending content, implementing a pinned post strategy, topical industry news, sharing your news, retweeting content, following your target audience, controlling your lists, responding to direct messages and more.

Brand Awareness

Implement a growth strategy - We abide by having a healthy follower / following ratio on Twitter, therefore we use other methods rather than just following lots of people to get your numbers increased. We implement a strict "notice me" strategy that works brilliantly, as well as utilising Twitter lists to maximise growth potential.

Beans on Toast - "Beans on toast" or real life, behind the scenes information is crucial for a successful Twitter account.

Welcome New Connections

Drive Traffic to your Website


Minimum posts per day: 2 updates

Daily Management - Responding to comments, adding industry news, trending content and sharing your news, videos and photos, pinning posts.

Brand Awareness

Implement a growth strategy - Producing awesome content is what works best for LinkedIn. Your company growth strategy may include email marketing campaigns.

Beans on Toast - "Beans on toast is as essential on this platform as it is with Facebook & Twitter. We still need to hear YOUR voice online, but keep it more professional. Are you celebrating client wins? Have you won awards? Have you attended any events or been networking? This is the type of feedback that your social mediator would expect to receive from you each week.

Welcome New Connections

Drive Traffic to your Website

What's all this "beans on toast" stuff and what does it have to do with Social Media?

We stumbled upon the answer to achieving engagement quite by accident.

Julia, our founder, was in the iCon café and ordered her regular lunch - beans on toast with cheese on top.  She took her lunch back up to the office and was just about to dig in when Mark said “Julia, that is totally wrong.  The cheese goes underneath, not on top” – everyone in the office got involved and the conversation became quite heated.  Julia liked the cheese to melt into the beans, whereas Mark thought that it should be cheese on toast and the hot beans melt into the cheese.


Julia took a picture of her lunch, posted it on the Facebook Page and asked the audience to back her up… Should the cheese be on top or underneath?  She finished her lunch and didn’t think anymore of it until checking the Facebook page an hour later!  Ping, ping, ping – comments galore! People were really passionate about this and the online conversation continued for about 3 days!

Due to Facebook's algorithms, our 20% Content (the "salesy stuff") was seen by more people because we had received interaction and engagement on the beans on toast post.

Beans on Toast Social Media

But what about the “Social” in “Social Media”?

We all know that just producing content for your network is NOT what social media is about.  The key to social media success includes four stages.

Stage 1Build Your Platforms – Before we agree to work with you, we will look at all of your social media platforms to make sure that they are branded and indexed correctly.  Are your profiles complete?  Have you added milestones, hashtags, and verified your accounts?  Is your LinkedIn personal account linked to your company page, and have you activated the review feature in Facebook? We will check it all for you and make any adjustments necessary (with your approval of course).

Stage 2 Grow Your Network –  Who are your clients, your competitors, your prospects? Have you defined your target market and followed these people online?  Without a network, you are really just talking to yourself and we all know that this is the first sign of madness!

Stage 3Implement an engagement and listening strategy – Once you have grown your network you then need to implement a strategy to engage and talk to your network. This is where the real magic happens.  Getting involved in the conversation and finding out what makes your audience tick!

Stage 4Measure the results – As with any type of marketing, you need to measure your results.  If you do not measure your results then how do you know if you are a success?  It is important to measure, tweak and grow your social media strategy on a regular basis.

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