Marketing Mastery Academy

A Christina Robinson signature program – 3 Days of expert Marketing Training where you will learn the exact framework that will allow you to create a marketing presence that stands out, impacts and influences; whether you are online, offline, face to face one to one, or face to face one to many!

More importantly, during this 3 day intensive experience you will learn the art of implementing a marketing strategy that works so you can generate more leads and more revenue for your business or organisation. As this is an interactive experience, you will be expected to start implementing what you’re learning over the 3 days while you are still in the room.

Multi Award Winning Entrepreneur, Marketer, Public Speaker and Podcaster Christina Robinson will guide you through the exact framework that has helped her generate Multiple 6 and 7-Figure Revenues for Green Umbrella as well as those of her students, clients and mentees.

Who is it for?

Business Owners


Self-Employed Service-Based Entrepreneurs

Consultants, coaches, mentors, authors, speakers etc.

Business Managers

Senior Business Leaders

Start-Up Companies and Businesses

Sales Employees or Managers

Anyone wanting to focus their personal brand for the purpose of growing a business

Who is it Not for?

Anyone who does not have an open mind

Anyone who thinks they do not need help and are not coachable

Anyone who has no intention of applying the knowledge gained afterwards

Anyone who does not finish what they start

Anyone unwilling to step outside of their comfort zone 

Course description and outcomes

This course is split into three phases

Phase 1

You will learn the 7 principles of Marketing Mastery and the reasons why some business owners will never get the results they should from their marketing activity - and how you can avoid falling into this trap. We’ll take stock of where you are now on your marketing journey and what your immediate actions are to get you correctly positioned so you can reap the rewards of your efforts. At the end of phase 1 you will have a marketing structure that works for both you and your business.

Phase 2

Now you have a structure in place, it’s time for us to decide upon the strategies and tactics you will use to build your audience and deliver your message. You’ll learn the practices you need to adopt and the practices you need to drop so you can ensure you can generate leads and sales into your business on autopilot. You will also learn how to engage your audience through meaningful and valuable content without being super-salesy and do all of this without getting caught up in content creation becoming a full time job!

Phase 3

It’s time to talk results! Your marketing activity has to add value to your business and in this phase of the framework we’ll discuss exactly that! You’ll decide what success looks like for you and your business, and you’ll create a reporting system to support the measurement of these successes. You’ll know how to track and understand what is and isn’t working for you as you continue to implement everything you’ve learnt over the course of your time with us.

Upcoming dates

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