How to Conduct Business Face-to-Face when You can’t Meet Face-to-Face

How to Conduct Business Face-to-Face when You can’t Meet Face-to-Face

How to Conduct Business Face-to-Face when You can’t Meet Face-to-Face

How to Conduct Business Face-to-Face when You can’t Meet Face-to-Face

I’m always the first to shout about the benefits of conducting meetings face-to-face rather than over the phone. However, as we’re all currently discovering, it’s not always possible to physically get in front of clients and prospects.

 Now more than ever, it seems our businesses are reliant on finding innovative ways to build trust, boost sales and avoid the low morale that can accompany working in isolation.

It’s important to remember that ‘face-to-face’ doesn’t always have to mean ‘in person’.

So, why face-to-face?

There are many reasons why conducting business face-to-face is beneficial; here are a few:

#1. Body language – when you can see your client or prospect, you are able to read into their body language as well as their words. For example, while someone may sound enthusiastic, sitting with crossed arms may give away a wariness that doesn’t come across in their speech.

#2. Mirroring – one of the tried and true sales techniques. Reading your prospect’s personality type and adjusting your own delivery accordingly helps get them on side. This is a lot harder when you can’t see their face. As with body language, you can learn a lot about a person’s communication style and likes/dislikes by observing when they’re alert and when they might drift off or zone out a little. You can use this knowledge to better solve their problems.

#3. Gauge thoughts and feelings – both of the above enable you to really get a gauge of what your client or prospect is thinking and feeling. From this, you can better understand their needs and offer the right advice and solutions.

#4. Trust – it’s the golden ticket as far as being a successful salesperson goes. At the end of the day, if someone doesn’t trust you, they’re unlikely to buy your services, no matter the benefit they believe them to have. By engaging in a way that enables you both to see each other, read between the lines and connect in authentic ways, you’re able to develop trust and a lasting relationship.


Online platforms like Zoom are the perfect middle ground when it comes to meeting face-to-face without meeting in person. Zoom offers a free package, and you can share screens, record, and more. If you haven’t got an account yet, now’s the time to sign up.

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There are benefits beyond what it does for business

Human interaction isn’t just good for business, it’s great for our mental and physical health too.

#1. Solidarity and togetherness – during times like these, it becomes acutely obvious that humans are social creatures. By meeting face-to-face (even via the internet), people receive a reminder that we’re all in it together. Solidarity is fundamental to surviving the rollercoaster, as both a business and as a human being.

#2. Reduces stress – feeling isolated and alone increases feelings of stress. Stress is intimately connected to many mental and physical ailments. By spending time together while alone, stress responses are kept in check.

#3. Improves memory and brainpower – having a social network has been shown to aid brain health and even improve memory. By checking in with business networks and friends, the brain receives crucial stimulus and, in the long run, has been shown to perform better on cognitive skills tests.

#4. Boosts immune system – the brain is an incredible organ. When feelings of isolation are removed, all other areas of physical wellbeing benefit, including the immune system.

So, by keeping in touch via online video conferencing with current clients, business friends and new prospects, your business and your wellbeing benefit.

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