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Welcome to Live Lunch!

This week, the team talked about the latest Twitter updates, what’s going on with ChatGPT and of all things….Scampi Fries!

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Here are the snippets:

02:47 – Users have been noticing a new Twitter logo this week – a dog!? Could it be Elon Musk’s idea of an April Fools, or another unpredictable move by the Twitter owner? Twitter’s homepage and loading screen had been replaced with the shiba inu image associated with the Dogecoin memecoin cryptocurrency.

12:28 – Elon Musk has announced Twitter will be releasing details of what makes the algorithm tick using Open Source. Not all details have been released but it looks as though previously we thought engagement it what boosted posts, but actually it’s favourites, rather than replies. Of course media along with Tweets is valuable.

15:08 – Twitter follows to follower ratio will now looked at by the algorithm, for example, if you follow 500 accounts but only have 3 followers yourself, Twitter will rank your content lower as it looks like you’re just not interesting enough – sorry!

19:30 – Christina discusses the importance of showing up on video, online, or public speaking. How to get in to the right state and prepare yourself for how you show up.

24:04 – Instagram is rolling out the option to celebrate your birthday a bit more with new special effects and avatars.

30:35 – ChatGPT has been banned in Italy over privacy concerns, they are concerned it doesn’t confirm to GDPR and also the potential for misinformtion. This follows on from the open letter by Elon Musk and other asking for Chat GPT development to be paused for six months. Actually, what we should be doing is more educating on how to use it better, how to structure a request etc. Samsung finds chip-related data leak due to use of ChatGPT which also contribute to the privacy concerns.

39:34 – Instagram will be testing the option for users to download and save reels to their devices – much like TikTok now.

41:41 – Facebook is testing the ability for users to be invited to follow a page they have engaged with by reacting to posts, not just comment.

43:01 – LinkedIn is rolling out suggested content to your feed based on your interest and other content you have engaged with.

See you next week!

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