GU Live Lunch – Ep 167

Social media news - live lunch episode 167

We’re all here this week! Join Christina, Mark, Kim and Nicole as they talk about what has caught their eye in Social Media and the online world! This episode includes more updates to X, changes to LinkedIn and Instagram as well as talk of a GU Jingle!

We’re not quite sure what’s got into us this week!

Here are the snippets:

02:31 – Have you spotted the recent changes to the LinkedIn user interface? Some of us in the team are noticing slight changes within the app, including the pencil icon at the top of the app to create a new post, as well as others.

03:04 – This week Mark, our designer and rockstar, is celebrating the 25th Anniversary of his band Wentworth (or Wandsworth if you’re Nicole).

08:20 – YouTube adds a new ‘Sample’ tab to YouTube music to improve artist discovery based on your previous listening habits. The short-form video will allow users to play small snippets of the latest trending tracks in alignment with their interests.

10:55 – Meta sends a warning to group admins! Facebook has been notifying some group admins that they need to be more active in moderating their groups, or Facebook will assign another group member to the job instead – savage or justified? The warning will offer the admins to either be more attentive or invite another admin. If you do neither of these, Facebook will choose another admin automatically after 6 days!

15:31 – We tease Christina over the title of the next webinar (very funny!) ‘Mastering the art of growing your email list through social media’ – we’ll give you the best strategies to guide your audience from socials into your database. Get your free ticket:… 17:29 – ‘X’, formally known as Twitter, previews timestamp-based links for video clips shared in-stream. Timestamp links will enable you to direct viewers to a specific segment of the video clip, with the playback to begin at that point.

19:42 – X is downgrading content and limiting reach for rival social media companies and certain news outlets.

20:58 – X continues experimenting with ID verification, with new code added to the app now pointing to the coming addition of verification elements. X wants to add a new element to its account details pop-up to confirm whether an account has verified its ID. This all ties in with Elon’s efforts to make ‘X’ an ‘everything app’ with the ability to receive and send payments.

29:44 – Next week’s guests are Jen Roblin and Jasmine Navarro. Jen is an anxiety specialist, and Jasmine works with young adults to help build their confidence. Thursday, 24th August, is GSCE results day so we’ll be chatting to Jen and Jasmine about how to approach that.

31:42 – Generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools like ChatGPT are seeing rapid adoption, climbing faster than smartphones and tablets did after their release, according to new research from Emarketer. Emarketer reports that generative AI will reach 77.8 million users two years after ChatGPT’s launch in November 2022. This is more than double the adoption rate of tablets and smartphones in a similar period. Source:… 34:30 – How to get the best output from AI? What should we be doing? Hear what we have to say. Mark is rather impressed with Photoshop Beta and its features.

See you next week!

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