GU Live Lunch – Ep 170

Live Lunch Episode 170

Join Christina, Kim, Nicole and Mark as they take you through this week’s Social Media news and updates.

Here are the snippets:

04:52 – Christina is back from her holiday and fills us in on what she got up to in the Netherlands.

08:09 – Threads is testing keyword searches to help users find specific content more easily. Currently, it’s only being rolled out in Australia and New Zealand with the aim to roll it out to other English-speaking countries quickly.

10:45 – This is old news, but one worth mentioning: iPhone users can use their mobile device as a web cam whilst streaming from the desktop device. We think the quality is much better!

13:33 – TikTok announced it will host a range of Fashion Month initiatives. #TikTokFashion will showcase the latest trends, designers and beauty tips. Fashion Month runs from September 6th – October 9th.

16:50 – We share our thoughts on TikTok shop, including the infamous vegetable chopper(s) and other unnecessary tat Kim has bought.

20:08 – X and LinkedIn are looking to introduce Passkey Support, providing a more secure and more convenient way for users to log into each app. Passkey support employs cryptographic data transfer to ensure secure logins, allowing users to access each application using on-device biometric authentication methods such as Face and Touch ID.

25:00 – Instagram is now testing a feature that lets you share feed posts just with your “Close Friends” group.

35:00 – Following a question over on LinkedIn, Christina explains how you can measure ROI on social media campaigns.

39:25 – YouTube is expanding its presence in the gaming world with the introduction of a new feature called “Playables,” currently in the testing phase within the YouTube app. This feature will empower users to actively engage in simple games while watching content, marking a significant shift from solely consuming gaming content.

43:46 – Apple’s new iOS 17 update includes ‘Check In’. A handy way to make sure your friends and family arrive safely. Taken from Apple’s website, it says “With Check In, your friend or family member is alerted when you reach your destination. If you stop making progress, it checks in with you, and if you don’t respond, it shares helpful information with your friend, like the location, battery level and mobile service status of your iPhone. Any information that is shared is end-to-end encrypted.” More info at…

See you next week!

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