GU Live Lunch – Ep 180


This week Nicole joins Christina to share the latest social media news.

09:20 – As of December 13th, Facebook is removing its “Hobbies” listings on user profiles, as it looks to streamline its profile display options.

10:37 – Studies reveal that Facebook is the top platform for serving the needs of being connected to friends and family, while LinkedIn, unsurprisingly, came out on top for career recognition. More details at…

22:35 – TikTok says users spend half their time in the app watching minute+ long clips. TikTok has extended their long-form content from 10 to 15 minutes, giving creators ample time to get their message out there and monetise the app.

34:55 – Instagram has announced that all users can now download publicly posted Reels in the app, after initially rolling out the option to U.S. users back in June. Publicly posted Reels will be downloadable by default, though creators can switch it off if they’d prefer people didn’t copy their clips.

37:59 – All clips downloaded will include your Instagram watermark and if then used on other platforms, your videos will be downvoted on the algorithm. We chat about the dangers of cyber-bullying, social media overwhelm and Club Penguin!

47:53 – Pinterest is now rolling out a live test of the option, which will enable Pinners to find more images and examples that align more specifically with their body shape.

54:52 – LinkedIn has rolled out a new detection system to address policy-violating content in posts, which relies on AI detection to optimise its moderator workflow. Which, according to LinkedIn, has already led to significant reductions in exposure for users. The new system now filters all potentially violative content through LinkedIn’s AI reader system, with the process then filtering each example based on priority.

See you next week!

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