GU Live Lunch – Ep 191

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Nicole and Christina are back to bring you all the latest social media news. We discuss the news articles of the week including new Instagram hashtag limits, new Meta updates and the monitoring of deep fakes!

Here are the snippets:

– Instagram is testing new hashtag limits for posts. Previously, it was recommended to use anywhere between 20-30 to help your content reach its maximum potential, this is being reduced to just 5 to reduce spamming.

04:40 – Meta is testing the ability for users to share Facebook posts to Threads, to increase use and engagement over on the platform.

07:13 – With the Recruitment Agency Expo coming up. Nicole shares with us her favourite thing about the whole event.

09:30 – Instagram tests options to create alternative image backgrounds in live streams.

10:53 – Lots of conversation this week around social media platforms managing deep fakes. With the ongoing rise of AI, we’re going to see a lot of changes made to the way we monitor what is real content.

19:07 – The Recruitment Marketing Congress highlighted some interesting data this week about how to put together an irresistible go to market strategy and whats working and what isn’t.

24:21 – Ad reach inside Facebook was 10%. globally. Instagram, their ads reach for the paid campaigns in the UK alone increased by just under 6%, contributing to the growth of Instagram.

28:33 – 50% of Instagram’s audience are on Tik Tok and 80% of TikTok’s audience are on Instagram.

See you next week.

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