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Call now on: 01604 726758

Have You Verified Your Facebook Page?

There are a number of benefits to having a verified Facebook Page.

  1. A verified page has more credibility, and you appear as a trusted brand.
  2. You will be found on additional services such as and the Facebook Local App (so will un-verified pages, but those that are verified will rank higher).
  3. Facebook lets your posts be seen by more people (according to Facebook, but I have no evidence of this).
  4. You will also have early access to new features (we often see new features on the GU page before other pages do).

In this video, I will walk you through the process of verifying your page.


For those who prefer to read a quick set of instructions:-

  • Log onto your Facebook Business Page
  • Note: this will not work if you are part of Business Manager
  • Click on Settings
  • > General
  • > Page verification – edit
  • > Enter your telephone number (must be the same number that is on your website and also in the contact details on your Facebook page).
  • > Facebook will then call you with a 4 digit code, which you enter into the computer
  • Alternatively, you can send official documents if the above process does not work.