What Parents Need To Know About the New SnapChat Feature – SnapMap

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The new feature that was introduced by SnapChat recently is quite worrying.  You can now see where people are at a glance.  Simply click “allow” on the map and then you can see where your friends are by the click of a button.  It is very similar to the “Find Friends” app on the iphone, but ALL of your followers of SnapChat will be able to see your location if you do not edit the permissions. 

Parents beware.

Some questions to ask your teenagers about this new feature:-

  • Do they personally know all of their SnapChat friends?
  • If they don’t  know everyone then I would recommend altering to “select friends” or “ghost mode”

Good features

  • You can turn into live events across the world (similar to Facebook’s live home page).  – check out the funny dinosaur on the video below.

For a details walk-through of this feature then play the video below.

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