Give Your Customers a Treat as they Return to the Workplace

Treat customer with a promotional product

Give Your Customers a Treat as they Return to the Workplace

Treat customer with a promotional product

Strange Times

So, not really wanting to use the somewhat overused words such as, ‘unprecedented’ or ‘extraordinary’ to describe recent months, it has to be acknowledged that 2020 will be remembered – not too fondly – for many years to come. Alongside the closure of schools, probably the practice, which seemed so alien to start with, was the enforced working from home. However, as a race, we’re so adaptable, it’s become second nature! Now, in turn, many are preparing to return to the workplace.

Moving Forward

With plans for all schools to return in early September, many companies are using this as a good time to plan to return to the office. Therefore, in addition to putting measures in place to keep your own workforce safe, how about reminding your clients you’re still very much present and correct? Nothing will remind your customers of your existence more than receiving something nice through their door. After all, who doesn’t enjoy receiving a parcel enclosing a complimentary gift?!

Welcome Back

A low cost ‘welcome back’ promotional product is a great idea to pop in the post to land as your client starts back in the office. Here are six of the best ideas to consider, from the hugely practical to the mid-morning pick-me-up!  

Sleek and Stylish

If you’re looking for a longstanding, durable promotional product, how about a metal pen and stylus? Fully branded, a pen will always be that useful desktop giveaway acting as a reminder for your brand for a long time to come. Even better, an incorporated stylus can be used when pressing any buttons or keys around the workplace, used by others.  

Face Facts

With the aftermath of lockdown firmly at the forefront of everyone’s minds, what could be a more useful gift than a fully branded face mask? Rather than being seen as potentially sinister, with such great designs and colours available, these make a really good option as a cheap and cheerful gift; hugely practical too.

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Keeping Safe

Keeping with the safety theme, probably the most – excuse the pun – handy gift you could send your customers is hand sanitiser. Something so useful to have with you on the go, it’s literally a lifesaver. COVID-19 has certainly reminded us all that the number one way in which to avoid picking up any virus is to keep your hands clean. Therefore, hand sanitiser is going to be a very popular gift to receive.

Drink Up

Returning to work at this time will bring challenges in terms of food and drink. A great way to ensure your customer can identify their own mug and/or water bottle is to personalise them alongside the branding of your own company. We have certainly found that mugs and water bottles have proved a great gift option and the added touch of having them personalised will be well received.    

Let Them Eat Cake

Our final suggestion as something to bring a smile to your customer’s face has to be… cake! Sending branded cupcakes or brownies * to your customers will make their day and ensure that they remember your name next time you call. As an inexpensive gift, small cupcakes will always make a huge impact! (*many more types of cake available!)

Have you thought about sending a promotional product or gift to your clients? What would you send? We’d love to hear your ideas!

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