What Really Makes You Brilliant at Winning Clients? – 5 Natural Selling Secrets

What Really Makes You Brilliant at Winning Clients? - 5 Natural Selling Secrets

What Really Makes You Brilliant at Winning Clients? – 5 Natural Selling Secrets

What Really Makes You Brilliant at Winning Clients? - 5 Natural Selling Secrets

What Really makes you Brilliant at Winning Clients?

…… and it is not about techniques.

Natural Selling Expert, Business coach and Author Jackie Jarvis shares her top 5 secret ingredients:

Secret Number 1

It is All About How you Think about Selling.

When you think about selling yourself or your service, how do you feel? Anticipation, excitement or dread? What thoughts secretly run through your mind? Are they empowering or disempowering?

If you think selling is difficult or that you have to be someone you are not to do it well, then it is likely that you will find it a struggle to win clients.

If you tell yourself that you can’t sell, then you are probably right.
The secret is in the way you think about it. If you could change your thinking you would automatically change the way you feel about selling. This would give you a much better chance of winning the clients you want.

Try this thought for a moment and notice how it works for you. ‘Selling is simply helping another human being to make a decision to buy what is right for them’.

If you are helping, you are serving. If you do this well, prospects will buy and become loyal and happy clients.
So why not just think about selling as helping, and go out there and help as many people as you can.

Secret Number 2

Clarity Will Light Your Way

Confusion can put clients off and block sales success. When asked what is it that you really help your clients with, what do you say? Is it clear, focused and meaningful? Or is it wordy, woolly and boring? You may be frustrated because you know that you offer a brilliant service but can’t explain it quick enough or with enough clarity to get the key messages across to your clients.

You can sometimes get so close to your business that it is hard to see a clear pathway. You need someone else to chop the trees down to reveal the clearing in the woods.

Think about how you would describe your business offering to a teenager who asked you to tell them how you help people the most through your business.

Think about what is at the core of the help you give. What are the people you serve able to do better or differently as a result of your help?

The secret is to be aware of your own level of clarity. Do you know how you help your clients the most? Can you articulate it in a way that people can relate to?

The clearer you are the more likely to are to attract the right clients.

Secret Number 3

Purpose and Passion Inspires ‘Yes’

If selling your service has become a bit of a slog, your mojo is at a low ebb, and you feel like you are just chasing a living not a life, then it may be that you have forgotten the purpose and the passion you had when you started your business.

If you know why you are doing what you do and why it matters, and that reason is connected with what you have to contribute, your communication with potential customers will naturally be confident and congruent.

The secret is to reconnect with the feelings that drive and motivate you. This can’t be done sitting at your desk with a million things to do.

Take yourself out for the day, switch off your logical mind and turn to the creative part of you that knows what you really had to share when you started this business.

Just relax, and ask it to remember what your real purpose is and what it is that you most want to contribute through your work.

Once you connect once more with the flicker of light inside you, you will notice how much easier it is to sell your service, and how much more attractive it will be to potential customers.

Secret Number 4

Trust is at the Heart of It

People love to buy from those they trust. If you focus on all you can do to build trust with potential clients, then you will succeed. Once you have built trust it is important to keep it. Trust builds and grows over time, but it can also be instant.

Can you remember just knowing you could trust someone when you just met?
Trust starts with you. Trust is built from the inside out. If you trust yourself, you are more likely to evoke that trust in others.

You can’t expect someone to trust in you if you are not sure about what you are able to offer, if you lack confidence, clarity or belief, or if your fears about selling are self-focused. The secret is to turn that around.

Focus on how you can help and care about doing the best for your clients.

The secret is to be able to build trust quickly in a new situation with a potential client. Many things contribute to that. Be aware of what is contributing to the levels of trust potential clients have in you.

Secret Number 5

Hear what Matters Most to People

Listening is an important skill to have. Hearing is even more important. Hearing what really matters to those you could help with your service.

We all know how good it feels to be fully understood. To feel like someone gets us. To be in a professional’s capable hands while they ask us all the right questions and understand our challenges and desires.

If we can show our potential clients that we understand what it is they want and need in a solution and can play back exactly what matters most, including business priorities and personal values, then we will succeed.

Trust is built when you feel someone cares, that our interests as a potential customer, are at the forefront and there is a genuine desire to deliver what is best for us.

The secret is to allow yourself to truly engage with this, letting go of the need to prove that you or your product is the best solution. That will come when the time is right.

How to be Brilliant at Winning Clients the Natural Way

These are some of the ingredients that will make a big contribution to being Brilliant at Winning Clients. They are not techniques but more about understanding human relationships and what it takes to make them work. Winning clients the Natural Way is all about forming trusted human relationships and helping people to solve problems and fulfil needs.

If you can do that, believe in and trust yourself you will soon find yourself winning more of the clients you want.

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