Five Signs Recruitment is in Your Blood

Five Signs Recruitment is in Your Blood

Five Signs Recruitment is in Your Blood

Five Signs Recruitment is in Your Blood

Recruitment isn’t for everyone. It’s hard work, the hours are long, and clients and candidates alike can be difficult to manage. But for all the potential heartache, there are plenty of reasons why being a recruiter is awesome. If you’re one of those people who has fallen hard for our profession, who wears the title of recruiter with pride, then you’ll recognise these five signs recruitment is in your blood.

1. You’re the Life and Soul of the Party

You ooze charisma, you’re the life and soul of the party, and you always know exactly what to say. All those years of phone calls, client and candidate meetings, and boozy networking events have gifted you a silver tongue. There’s no topic you won’t wade in to discuss, and you’re famed for your ability to shoot the breeze. Definitely one of the qualities the best recruiters have!

2. You Can Find Anyone, Anywhere

Your friends are always amazed at your ability to find anyone, anywhere. Even if you’re only armed with the most tangential piece of information, you can still find a candidate no matter how elusive they are. From Facebook to LinkedIn via Google, you’re always up to date with the latest sourcing methods. When you encounter an extremely difficult to find candidate, you jump at the challenge. This is what you excel at.

3. Always Interviewing

You just can’t shake the need to find out everything about everyone. You always come away from a first date with a little too much information, and you’re skilled at asking probing questions that folks just can’t help but answer honestly. You can’t help but frustrate friends and family alike by slipping into ‘interview mode’. They just want you to turn it off, but you know this is a superpower that only the best recruiters have.

4. You Have an Outstanding Memory (for the things that matter)

And by the things that matter we mean candidate details. You might not always remember someone’s name, but you can ream off their CV, past companies and skill-sets in a heartbeat. You remember their first job from university all the way back in the ‘80s, alongside who they worked with or were managed by.

5. You Never Switch Off

One of the reasons why I love being a recruiter is the number of people you meet. The very best recruiters can’t go anywhere without bumping into someone they know. They never turn off either, knowing that every day is an important networking opportunity. From drinks at a local bar to a high-class meal at a restaurant, you can’t ever switch off because you never know when you’ll meet a great candidate or client!

These five signs recruitment is in your blood are my top reasons why I love this profession. From empowering great talent to achieve their best, to really helping great companies grow, being a recruiter truly is an awesome job!






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