How to Set Up Goal Conversions on Google Analytics

goal conversion

If you are serious about business then knowing what pages are working on your website is a crucial measuring tool.

In this quick video, I will show you how to set up a very basic goal conversion for a single landing page. Find out what pages are popular, and which pages are converting best for you.

Here are the steps (or follow the video below)

  • Step 1 – Click Admin
  • Step 2 – 3rd column, click “goals”
  • Step 3 – “add new goal” (in red at the top)
  • Step 4- Template > enquiry > view more
  • Step 5 – click continue
  • Step 6 – Give the goal a title
  • Step 7 – Continue
  • Step 8 – paste in your URL
  • Step 9 – Add a value
  • Step 10 – Verify this goal
  • Step 11 – Save

To see how your goal conversions are progressing:

Click back to home

  • On the far left scroll down to conversions
  • See goals


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