Social Snippet January 2023

Social media news January 2023

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WhatsApp has officially rolled out a feature that allows users to message themselves after being tested since October. This will enable users to send themselves notes, links, appointments, voice notes and general messages meaning you always have a log of relevant information for yourself.

Here at Green Umbrella, we think this will be especially useful for logging information for yourself that you are likely to forget. For example, recording a voice message for yourself after a meeting of action points.

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A large proportion of young users on TikTok are searching mental health for support and advice, but is the information being monitored?

A survey was carried out of 500 videos supposedly offering viewers support and advice, however, the findings highlighted that:

  • 83.7% of the information was misleading
  • 14.2% of the content was potentially damaging
  • Only 9% of people offering advice had relevant qualifications.

To learn more about the survey, click here:

AI will officially be having a much bigger influence over online communication in 2023 many good ways but also in bad ways.

It is an exciting time for what AI has in store for us, and living in such a tech world as we know it, this is going to be a huge development on what we already know. Our brains are probably filled with lots of questions about how to make this work in terms of creation, engagement and interaction, and it is worth noting how these tools can be both beneficial and impactful in your digital marketing efforts.

For more info, check out this Social Media Today Article here:

Have you noticed your view counts on Twitter?

The majority of people have noticed this, and there doesn't seem to be many fans, especially with the way that it is displayed on a Tweet!

It has been bought to Elon Musk's attention, who has openly admitted to not being a fan himself, saying, "it's not great'.

But not to fear, the improvements are here...well, in testing currently, for an updated Tweet view format.

Check out what the new update could look like right here:

Twitter Rolls Out 3 New Ways To Advertise

Twitter rolls out new ad units that allow businesses to optimise campaigns for website clicks and sales. While we don't really use Twitter Ads ourselves at the moment, I do have a lot of contacts that this could be really useful for.

Twitter’s new ad products include:

  • Website Conversions Optimisation
  • Dynamic Product Ads
  • Collection Ads

To find out more visit:

Google reveals its year in search for 2022

Google has revealed its year in search for 2022 giving us insights to what has been searched for around the globe and in specific countries. There's lots of data for everything from people to news to film, but can you guess what was the most searched for word in the UK and Worldwide during 2022? Have a look on the link below.


Meta is introducing the ability to run ads on Facebook and Instagram that target Instagram followers. Up until now, advertisers have been able to create custom audiences of their Facebook followers but not their Instagram audience, which has limited a lot of brands whose main audiences are Instagram based.

At Green Umbrella, we think this will be a very welcome update that will enable us to offer our clients better, more detailed targeting options when we run ads for them that are aimed at the demographic of their Instagram followers or at people with similar interests to them.

To find out more, visit this link:


At its annual Lens Fest event, Snapchat announced that it is experimenting with a small group of AR creators and developers to build Lenses with digital goods that can be purchased with Snap Tokens. These will include things like in-game items, upgraded lens control, Power-ups, etc.

Snapchat is one of those platforms that often gets forgotten among the bigger players, but in terms of R&D, they are well ahead of the game, and here at Green Umbrella, we are always excited to see what they will roll out next, as where they lead, the other platforms will surely follow.

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TikTok tests full width display videos to maximise engagement

TikTok are testing and rolling out other ways to share content in an effort to keep users from drifting to other platforms. The latest update is full width video, much like YouTube. Other updates include:

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“Why am I seeing this?” – now TikTok will tell you why certain content appears in your FYP (For You Page)

The new tool will provide an insight into some of the potential reasons that guide it’s algorithm decisions. To find this feature, simply:

Hit ‘Share’ > ‘Why This Video’ > here you’ll see why.

Reasons include where the video is popular, because who you follow also likes it, and many more.

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