Social Snippet July 2023

Social Media News July 2023

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TikTok has added some shiny new Interactive Add-On for promotions.

These will Add-Ons will come in two forms – Standard and Premium. Here’s what you’ll get for your money: 


  • Display Card – which highlight key brand messages/offers 
  • Gift Code Sticker – which offers incentives for engagement 
  • Voting Sticker – so you can run a poll, quiz, or feedback form in your ad 
  • Countdown Sticker – to highlight an upcoming event 


  • Pop-out Showcase – which enables you to highlight your product and drive direct action 
  • Gesture – which enables you to invite participation, with the action the viewer takes then revealing more product insight 
  • Super Like 2.0 – which adds ’eye-catching floating icons that appear when users engage with your ad’, and includes a pop-up card after the Super Like effect appears

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YouTube to enable Shorts creators to create response videos to comments

YouTube is testing out a new option which will enable Shorts creators to create response videos to comments on other people’s channels, a way of providing more capacity for interaction. YouTube said: “While creators are already able to reply to comments posted on their own content with a Short, we want to explore offering viewers the opportunity to create content from comments as well. The Short will appear in the Shorts feed and on the viewer’s channel page, but unlike the creator version, it won’t appear as a reply in the comments feed.”

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Meta’s adding some more ad tools to WhatsApp!

They’ve added a new option that will enable businesses on WhatsApp to launch paid promotions on Facebook and Instagram, without needing a Facebook account.

This could be a potential to boost brand exposure and direct a line of communication straight back to your channel.

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YouTube’s making a change to its data analytics display!

Some users reported that the upfront comparison data in the YouTube Studio app wasn’t helpful, or encouraging, in some instances. It is also introducing weekly and monthly channel performance recaps, including a gamification element to make analytics more fun.

YouTube is now changing the display so users can collapse the field if they want to.

Will you collapse it or keep it?

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Parents and Guardians listen up!

TikTok’s giving parents more tools to manage the content that their kids are exposed to in the app.

TikTok has made an update with its Family Pairing option that’ll enable parents to block videos based on custom keywords, in addition to its existing mature content filters.

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Instagram has been testing the ability to download reels!

And now after the past few months of testing, Instagram’s now rolling out the option to download publicly posted Reels to your camera roll, which will provide another way to share Reels content.

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Meta introduces ‘Voicebox’

Meta descries Voicebox as “the most versatile AI for speech generation”. This software has been meticulously designed to support various tasks such as audio editing, sampling, and styling, all while prioritising accessibility.

Meta’s new ‘Voicebox’ will take text inputs and translates them into audio with:

  • Different voice options
  • More advanced text to audio translation
  • Possesses the ability to synthesise speech in 6 different languages
  • Reduced learning and processing requirements in comparison to other platforms

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LinkedIn phases out 3 creator focused features

If you are a lover of these 3 features, I have bad news for you!

LinkedIn has decided to phase out:

  • Carousels
  • Profile videos
  • Link stickers for images and videos

As of the 26th of June, these were no longer available to use! What do you think? Good decision or bad decision?

Check out why, here

LinkedIn uses AI to catch fake profiles

LinkedIn has started using AI to track fake profiles. I've got to be honest, I never thought it was a big issue on LinkedIn but in the first half of 2022, they removed a staggering 20 million plus fake accounts!

They have recently announced an AI image detector that has a 99% success rate in detecting fake profiles.

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LinkedIn introduces messaging for company pages

It seems like this is a feature that should have always been there, but finally LinkedIn is rolling out messaging for company pages. This will allow business pages to send and receive direct messages (DMs), giving them an immediate line of communication.

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