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Twitter tests a new ‘Highlights’ tab to showcase your best tweets on your profile

Similar to Instagram Highlights, Twitter is currently in the process of testing this feature for users to be able to choose what they want to showcase in their highlights, which you’ll be able to remove or add at any time!

There’s no word on the rollout date…yet but apparently will be happening very soon! Would you use this feature?

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How do you feel about YouTube Ads?

YouTube’s looking to expand the length of YouTube ads to 30-second non-skippable connected to TV campaigns as the usage on home TV sets rises.

This could be an annoyance for viewers, but the capacity to use YouTube to reach people via the biggest screen in their house has big potential for marketers, with TV traditionally being the most effective avenue for marketing.

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Have you ever been left feeling embarrassed by a typo or an auto-corrected word in your WhatsApp messages?

I know I have! WhatsApp has added a brilliant feature update allowing users to edit sent messages for up to 15 minutes after hitting that send button! I for one will no doubt be using this!


Have you taken a break from Twitter since Elon Musk bought the platform?

If the answer is yes, then you’re in the majority; report show a staggering 60% of users surveyed have stepped away from Twitter since it was bought by the Entrepreneur in October 2022. Even more shocking, the survey suggests 25% of users will abandon the platform all together in the next 12 months!


LinkedIn Launches New ‘Find Your In’ Ad Campaign

Do you ever wonder how you could reach higher levels of engagement through the app? LinkedIn is launching a new promotional campaign, created by ad agency Droga5, which aims to highlight how you can use the platform to find your ideal career pathway.

Their aim is to help more people discover new connections and explore their passions in the app.

It could prompt people to take another look at the app and consider how they can utilise LinkedIn as a guide on their professional journey.

Twitter Adds List Search Capacity on Desktop

Twitter is always upgrading. Here’s a small, but potentially helpful Twitter update. When you go to the ‘Lists’ tab in the web version of the app, you can now search for interesting lists based on your focus keywords.

So, if you’re especially interested in a particular topic, you can now find Twitter lists to join, which could help you find more users to follow, or add more nuance to your Twitter experience.


Do you ever want to give your subscribers a test-based message?

With the new ‘Community Posts’ you will be able to do just that. This feature will allow creators to interact with their audience- giving them information, updates and notes- through a text-based community messaging option.

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Love it or loath it, so many platforms are looking for ways to automate and streamline processes.

Meta has added a handful of new tools that aims to help brands make more direct contact with their consumers through new tools that will make it easier for users to connect with businesses.

A few examples of these tools are automatically applying advertised discount codes to checkout or having updating lead adverts with a new dynamic question flow.

Here is more on the new tools:

Google To Remove Inactive Accounts

Have you got an old Google account that has not been used for a while? Maybe you have an account that was set up for a specific task? To keep the account, you will need to interact with it as Google changes it's policies and will delete accounts that have been dormant for 2 years.

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Apple's new augmented reality headset unveiled

As part of changes to its user security settings, Meta is retiring the Facebook Code Generator, which enables users to log in on another device by using a code from your phone, tablet etc. to authenticate their secondary session. Users will now need to switch to an alternative method of authentication.

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