Social Snippet March 2023

Social Snippet - Social Media News March 2023

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Are you a podcaster or thinking about starting a podcast?

Well, this could be just the thing for you!

Podcasts have taken the world by storm, particularly in the last 2-3 years, and YouTube is now potentially joining the club and creating a gap market to support podcasters.

It's currently in testing, but YouTube is taking its next steps into podcasting, with the option to upload and manage podcasts in the YouTube Studio app. In addition to this, YouTube’s also testing new podcast analytics, which will provide podcast-specific performance insights.

Would you use this new feature?

Are you someone that uses the Instagram feature, Live Stream Shopping?

Listen up users, because Instagram has announced the removal of Live Stream Shopping Elements within the app.

It seems that live shopping has been a huge success in Asian markets but it's not caught on, as many had hoped it would, for key revenue growth within western audiences.

As of the 16th of March 2023, Instagram users will no longer be able to tag products while live streaming.

If you use this feature, what are you going to do going forward?


Instagram's new ‘memories’, prompts users to re-share old posts to encourage them to look back at previous memories and years.

The new addition will show up at the top next to ‘your story’.

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TikTok is aiming to help marketers maximise their in-app efforts by introducing thousands of new insights.

The insights should help users get a better handle on key trends and usage shifts to maximise their in-app experience.

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New Subscription Bundle for Facebook & Instagram

Meta has launched a "Meta Verified" bundle offering users account verification, protection, support, and visibility for a monthly subscription. It seems very similar to Twitter Blue and has been seen as "unoriginal" - what do you think? Would you sign up?

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How is Google Bard trained?

Bard is Google's new Ai tool to rival ChatGPT (which you have probably heard a lot about recently). Bard is trained by website data, but little is known about how that information was collected and whose content was used.

This article delves into what we do know...


Instagram Launches ‘Channels’ Broadcast Chat Feature

Instagram is rolling out a new feature called ‘Instagram Channels’, which is essentially a group messaging function within the app where you can stay up to date on specific topics, brands, people, etc. We think this could be a good idea if you want to find out what a specific brand or influencer is saying, but like big groups on Whatsapp, it could soon become overwhelming if too much is posted each day. 

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Instagram now lets you express yourself with GIFs in comments

Instagram is showing some love to the good-old photo sharing side of the app with a new option to reply with GIFs in comments. We think this is a great addition to Instagram as only replying with text and emojis doesn’t always convey what you want to say. Hopefully it’s only a matter of time before you can reply with your own photo. 

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TikTok in your car?

Yes, really! TikTok has announced a new partnership with Mercedes Benz which will see TikTok content directly into your car via their “superscreen” of the new E-Class. You’ll be pleased to know that the car must be stationary! Not only that, passengers can join in too, with two independent screens.

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Ever wondered who’s not watching your content on YouTube?

YouTube is adding new metrics to shorts, one of which being the ability to see who has not only viewed your content but also those who have swiped on past. The new metric, ‘Shown in feed’ and ‘Viewed vs swiped away’, will take data from within the YouTube Studio Display.

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