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Social Snippet October 2023

Welcome to the new online version of the Social Snippet!

Each month you will find the latest news and updates in the world of Social Media and Online Marketing that have caught the GU Team's eye!

Instagram...A minor update in the 'Reel' world…

Instagram added a new "Following" feed in the Reels tab, which enables you to only see Reels from accounts that you follow in the app. Like TikTok's "For You" and "Following" streams, you can choose to only see the latest videos from the accounts you choose.

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Instagram's testing a new privacy element...

...with the capacity to hide your like activity from other users, if you choose to do so.

The new option would enable you to hide your like activity from non-followers or limit visibility to only close friends.

What you use this potential new feature?

Meta has added animated stickers on WhatsApp!

You will now be able to add moving, reacting versions of your digital self into your WhatsApp chats, providing another way to use your avatar within Meta's apps.

Avatars are going to be a huge part of the metaverse and that's why they keep adding more avatar engagement options. Meta has also added avatar profile pictures, simulated profile backgrounds, avatars in video calls, and more.

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Facebook has rolled out multiple personal profile features allowing people to have multiple personal profiles for different engagement

Have you ever wanted to share a post to a work group to spread content, but you didn't want people being able to see your personal Facebook profile which may have information or photos about your personal life that you do not wish possible strangers to see?

I know I have.

Being able to have a different profile to be able to share content and not worry about possible strangers looking at your personal information is a huge step in the right direction to increase engagement across groups as people will feel more comfortable to share.

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AI in the classroom! Introducing Nolej

I personally love this idea. Nolej AI have created an innovative AI-driven solution empowering educators to rapidly create engaging interactive learning modules including quizzes, flashcards, games, and interactive videos. 


A step closer to X becoming an 'everything app'?

X recently hosted its first Client Council meet-up, where CEO Linda Yaccarino and the new management team outlined their latest developments and near-term goals. The presentation mainly showcased existing features, including long-form blog posts, in-app product listings, video calls, creator subscriptions, and more. 


Meta Verified For Business is on its way

Initially aimed at creators in February, Meta Verified is now set for expansion with the impending launch of the Meta Verified for Business package. The package will be offered at $21.99 per month per Instagram account or Facebook Page through the website, or $27.99 each when signed up via mobile. Notably, Meta is exploring a combined offering priced at $34.99, which includes verification for both your Facebook and Instagram business pages. 


DALL·E 3 is coming...

In the ever chaging world of AI, OpenAI recently shared details about DALL·E 3, the latest version of the text-to-image AI system, set to arrive later this year on ChatGPT Plus, ChatGPT  Enterprise, Bing's AI Image Creator, and Microsoft Designer. This latest version of is set to improve image accuracy as well as greater attention to user input text.

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X's Coming Audio and Video Calling Options likeky to be subscription only

Last month, X confirmed that video calling was coming to the platform formally known as Twitter. But in this article from TechCrunch, it now looks (unsurprisingly) that this new feature will only be available to paid subscribers.

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