Sorry Could You Say That Again? – The Benefit Of Video As A Social Tool

Video marketing with Green Umbrella

Video marketing with Green Umbrella

The chances are that if you are interested in this blog you probably have your own business, or you work for a company that want’s you to reach out to customers.

When you come right down to it – that is the lifeblood of all business.  We reach out to people and basically we go..

“Hey everyone, look at me!”

The way we do that varies, however it will probably involve social media and, hopefully by the end of this blog, you will see it should also have video support.

I am sure you already know that you can have the best product or service in the world but if nobody sees it then you have nothing.  Just as important is the way your business feels to a prospective client.

Current clients of ours, and indeed Green Umbrellas will know that one of the first things we both do is look for your story.  By which we mean we want to know who you are.  Your products and your services are clearly important; but there is a bridge to be built between you and the potential consumer.  That bridge is built with a personal connection.

Your business has a character, a persona, an individuality – and your story is the voice of that character.

Let me put this into a scenario you will probably recognise.  Imagine someone is at a networking meeting.  They wander around the room chatting and meet more or less everyone.  Then they sit at a conference table (or similar) and usually there is then an elevator pitch session where everyone fires off a polished pitch about themselves and their business.   They listen carefully, and somewhere along the way they will usually make a little mental note to speak to someone who has some product or service of interest.  Then they chat with the people next to them and all the while that initial introduction is slipping away from their mind.  Soon they find themselves looking round the room and thinking ‘Oh I must talk to…now was that Steve?  No wait, that was Steve over there, ah, it was Peter I wanted to… oh, no, actually was it Sally perhaps?  That was it, Sally I need to speak to… oh she’s left.

At this point they pull out their magic remote and rewind to the beginning of the meeting – only there is no magic remote is there?

My point here is not how easy it is to miss a potential customer, we all know how that works, it is that we will try to remember the name and the person because the product or service they provide is already on your radar.

If you are Sally in this scenario, this is where your social media planning steps in and saves the day.  The chances are our forgetful networker will pop on to LinkedIn and look you up.  When they find your website there is that video you had made where up pops Sally talking about her business.  They are no longer remembering a product they are attaching a face and a name to it.  Video reinforces information and cements people and the business together for the visitor.  It is no substitute for face to face – but it can be the next best option.

A bridge has been made from forgotten name to personal recognition and further understanding of the business in seconds and of course, you can rewind this time if you miss anything.


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