Telemarketing – How To Keep Going

Telemarketing – How To Keep Going

Telemarketing – How To Keep Going

Telemarketing – How To Keep Going

The trick with Telemarketing is tenacity, as telemarketing is about building relationships.

Afterall, 80% of sales occur after the fourth call, yet 92% of people give up before or on the fourth attempt. Did you know only 2% of sales are made on the first call? Now if you do the maths, that means you could possibly face a fair bit of rejection.
Below I have noted six simple tips that I believe help motivate you to keep going, keep your head high and not give up.

1. Make sure you are speaking to the right person

The best way to ensure you’re not setting yourself up to fail is by making sure you have the right person on the other end of the phone. I would recommend putting in a few minutes of research if you’re unsure. LinkedIn is perfect to find out who you need to be speaking to, but if that fails, try Companies House. Afterall, rejection is demoralising, so just make sure if it is a no, it’s come from the right person.

2. Have the right objective

Studies show that 80% of sales happen between the fifth-twelfth call. This is usually because people buy from people they know. Therefore, remember that the first few calls you make are about establishing a relationship, enabling you to call back where the chance of a sale is meaningfully higher.

3. Ensure you have the right message

To be successful in sales, you must not sell a product but offer a solution. Your message needs to resonate relevance to your potential client. If you can get them to identify a problem and offer them a solution through your dialogue, your chance of having a successful call is greatly increased.
Speaking to the right person and having the right message increases your chance of getting to the next stage significantly.

4. Review and improve your message

Most professional speakers, such as comedians, will constantly review and adapt their material. They review their material to check what works, so they know what gets the best response from the audience. Why wouldn’t you do the same?

5. Use tools to increase the number of conversations

On average, it takes eight calls to get to a conversation with a potential client, so each call before that can end with the wrong person or a voicemail, which can feel like a wasted effort (and can knock your confidence).
If this is how you feel, you should perhaps think about using a tool; there are several out there that help maximise your time selling. If you are having no success after many attempts, why not try another communication method, such as email?

6. Be persistent and consistent

Sales is about being determined and consistent, with 80% of sales happening after the fourth call. You can be blessed with the gift of the gab, but what will really bring in solid results is having the determination to call and call again, that’s the real difference between success and failure. Shockingly, 48% of sales people don’t even follow up, let alone make five or more calls – then they wonder why they’re not being successful.

As your confidence in the sales process grows, you will have more conversations and convert more cold calls into warm leads, which will then lead to more sales.

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