The Apprentice…You’re Hired!


I always thought that starting a new job would be hard, but it’s not as daunting as I once thought.

After moving two hours away from my childhood home to start this apprenticeship, I was worried, to say the least. After doing a year-long course in media makeup, I wasn’t expecting to start an apprenticeship in customer service, but I had a change of heart, and I felt like I needed a big change, so go big or go home, am I right? But the moment I started there was no need for all that stress and panic, all I needed were the skills I showed in the interview, and to be myself, even though it sounds so cliché.

The first day was full of signing forms and learning as much as I could, though everyone was so nice and understanding. Having my own desk was more exciting than I expected. I felt like a ‘proper’ grown up, with my own pencil pot and computer screen. My desk buddy, Pam, is a lovely lady who has dealt with my constant questions and tongue popping; so thanks for dealing with me Pam. Christina showed me around the building and helped me set up my computer with all the necessary applications; and with all that information stored, it was time to do the work – all I’m going to say is that they made it look easy.

As the week went by I learnt everything from blogging to social media posting – I sat in a few meeting, such as one with ‘Dogs For Good’, where I was quite happy looking and talking about dogs and how to raise more money for this amazing cause. Then there was LinkedIn training with Julia, which was super interesting, and now I’m a LinkedIn master. Then Jane showed me how to post blogs for all different websites, and how WordPress works – it’s easier than I thought and I think I’ve got a knack for it (Jane may disagree though). I’ve also been communicating with out of office members of staff, the main one being Jenny, who has seen every mistake I’ve made and saved me from many mishaps; she is my saviour!

Later in the week, Emily and Jane showed me how to prep for reviews by finding analytics from Google and other sources, then putting all this information into a slideshow (it’s harder than it sounds), and then how the coaching club works and which clients were in which tier. The week flew by, with lots of laughs and making more tea than I care to remember, but at the end of it, I felt so fulfilled, and I learnt so much: from basic office work to learning the Green Umbrella way.

Then the best thing happened, I helped Viv from ‘Susan Rose China’ out with an issue with her blog, I had run into the same issue a few days prior, so after I sorted that out for her, she contacted the company to thank me for my work. Honestly, she made my week.

So, in the end, my first week as an apprentice at Green Umbrella went better than expected, I moved across the country, I learnt a lot about an industry I knew nothing about, and it made me excited about what’s going to happen next.

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