Three New Facebook App Techniques That I Have Discovered

facebook 3 techniques

This week’s video features some techniques on the Facebook iPhone application that you may not have been aware of.

#1 – A 2nd Newsfeed (rocket)

Did you know that one of the latest updates to the Facebook application includes a small rocket?  Clicking this icon launches a second newsfeed which is astonishing.  You will see a feed of articles that Facebook think you may be interested in.  How does Facebook know what you will find interesting?  The algorithm looks at the content that you are already sharing, liking and engaging with.  It is very bespoke to you, and I guarantee you will find it interesting.  My top article is always something to do with The Walking Dead from a page that I have not liked.  Not everyone has this yet, so keep an eye out for it. 

#2. How to flood your phone with hearts by typing XO

This is a little technique was discovered completely by accident and not everyone has the feature yet.  Simply type the words “XO” and see what happens.

#3. The new Facebook Video Cover Photo looks cool!

This is the most important update, for both phone and desktop.  To see the video cover photos in action, please visit Venture Caravans Facebook page.



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