Acuity Scheduling – The Best Online Diary Scheduling Tool!

Acuity Scheduling - The Best Online Diary Scheduling Tool! Are you fed up with emailing back and forth to try and secure a date in the diary with a client? Perhaps you are a recruiter who is organising interviews. What about that appointment to see a new supplier?

We have been using Acuity Scheduling since January 2017 and we love it. All of our problems vanished overnight and it was as if a magic fairy was sprinkling some fairy dust over our calendars!

Some of the features that we like the most:

  1. It was super easy to set up – no technical knowledge needed.
  2. We love the customization abilities
  3. You can embed on your website
  4. It is fully mobile compatible
  5. The email notifications and reminder systems are excellent
  6. The integration with MailChimp and other systems
  7. Take payments and offer discount/promo codes (this is fab!)
  8. It integrates with iCal/iCloud/Google Calendar – which has been my main gripe with other diary systems.

To find out more, visit the Acuity Scheduling website.


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