How to Add Hashtags and Locations in Instagram Stories

instagram play

This week, Instagram launched three new features:-

  1. Adding clickable hashtags to Instagram stories
  2. Adding location stickers in stories
  3. Adding location stories to your top story feed

In this short video below, I explain:

  • What an Instagram story is and how often you should post
  • Two ways in which to add clickable hashtags into your Instagram stories
  • The way in which the location feature works, and how it synchronises with Facebook business pages.
  • I also show you how the new location story is similar to Twitter moments (although you can not create your own location story yet).
  • Stories are now “searchable” in the public domain – so you can be found by strangers who are looking up hashtags and locations (one up on SnapChat).  No longer is it just your friends who can see your Instagram stories.

Are you using stories yet?  Apparently, there are now more views each day on Instagram stories than there are on SnapChat.  Will Snapchat still be here in 12 months time?  It does make you think!


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