How to Add a Poll to Your Facebook Page

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Polls and surveys are a fabulous way to get interaction and engagement on your Facebook Page.  We had this feature for many years but then it was pulled for unknown reasons.  It’s great to see the feature back on the business pages, and also on the personal profile. 


  • Adding images or a GIF to encourage engagement
  • Give a life limit to your poll – turn it off within 1 day, 1 week or customise it.  (Or leave it to run forever).
  • You can add emotions to your poll
  • You can also tag in your products and service
  • Remember to add a target audience if the poll is specific to age, gender or location
  • Schedule your poll for posting (not available on the personal profile).


  • We currently only have two options for the results (so a yes or no type question).
  • You can not use the images in polls in groups or for events



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