Always use the Advanced Search Feature in Twitter

Always use the Advanced Search Feature in Twitter If like so many other people, you search for your ideal customer and conversations on Twitter using the generic search bar, then it’s time to rethink your strategy.

Twitter have another, more detailed search tool and this should ideally be your default if you are looking to make the most from this social networking site.


So how do you find the tool and what can it do?


Twitter Advanced search

Type in your search criteria for keywords. For example, I may be looking to engage with job hunters, in the Leeds area.

Job hunters may tweet that they have a job interview tomorrow, or that they have just announced that they have been made redundant. Think of things that your target audience may be tweeting.

Search: interview today
Location: Leeds

You will see the tweets below.

Twitter advanced search interview today

From here you can engage with your potential new job seeker!


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