Blogging Tip – Record an Audio Version Of Each Blog

Blogging tips - audio Have you considered recording an audio version of each of your blogs? We trialed this for 12 months and the figures were outstanding.

Nearly 84,000 downloads over 147 episodes – which is an average of 541 listens per blog article. Now for a small company like ours, you may be asking yourself “why stop?”

To be honest, it is hard work. Not only hard work to put the audio’s together, but also hard work to get your guest bloggers to send the audio files to you in good time.

If you are happy to put in the work, then creating an audio blog is relatively simple.

Step 1 – Register an account with Podbean or AudioBoom.
Step 2 – Register a podcast account with iTunes, and then syncronise Podbean / AudioBoom with iTunes.
Step 3 – Record your audio. If you want to keep costs low, you can even record your audio on your iPhone and then upload to your selected hosting company. (Podbean or Audioboom).

Both hosting accounts supply you with embed code, which you simply add to your blog on your website.

This is the quick version. If you would like a more in-depth tutorial on this subject then let me know.

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