Book Review: Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff

Book Review: Don't Sweat The Small Stuff Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff
– Richard Carlson

If you are a worrier or suffer from anxiety in any way then this book is for you.

A few months ago I read “Stop Thinking – Start Living” by the same author and I loved the tone and simplicity of his words. I naturally downloaded this one due to the author’s way of writing, not necessarily the content, but I had no regrets.

The author’s voice is friendly and you can’t help feeling you’re listening to a friend or colleague who is giving you advice. The book flowed well, and if you wanted to skip to a section that you would find more interesting and more suitable for your current situation then you can easily do this with the way the book is organised. You don’t have to read the book in order.

This book is jam-packed with bite-sized actions you can implement, lots of positive thinking advice, learning how to be tolerant of situations and accepting things to help you move on.

My take away from this book
The core lesson of this book is not taking your problems too seriously or blowing them out of proportion. If, like me, you have a tendency to make a mountain out of a molehill then this book is for you.

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