Call for Guests… And hosts!

Live Lunch - Call for Guests... And hosts!

Call for Guests… And hosts!

Live Lunch - Call for Guests... And hosts!

Usually, I’d be writing to give you some advice or guidance in this article but today, I’d like to offer you an opportunity. For just over a year we have been sitting down at 12 noon on a Thursday for the Green Umbrella Live Lunch. It’s a weekly show that is live-streamed across Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube, and it offers a window into the world here at GUHQ. We’ve talked about the latest social media trends and updates, shared our opinions on marketing strategies, and also had some fantastic guests join us to talk about their businesses and share their stories.

Originally, the show started as something that was a Pandemic ‘thing’ with the purpose of allowing people to stay in touch with us as a team. However, its purpose has changed a little, and we’re looking for people like you to help us make the show even more meaningful for our audience. The episodes we’ve enjoyed the most have been the ones where we bring in a guest – we learnt loads when we opened ourselves up to receive some live coaching on the show. We’ve introduced some of the exceptional industry leaders we know to new audiences and raised awareness for their causes. We’ve had a lot of fun helping people who felt uncomfortable about live streaming break out of their shells by giving them a safe place to put themselves out there live for the first time. And wow – we’ve had a huge amount of fun doing it!

So here’s what I’m offering…

Join us as part of the panel on the Green Umbrella Live Lunch. The format is very relaxed, we meet virtually using a platform called Streamyard at 11.50 am and have a little chat to say hello. Then we hit the ‘Go Live’ button. I introduce the show, then intro you where you’ll get the chance to give us your elevator pitch and/or tell us your story. (You can take as much or as little time to do this as you’re comfortable with.) From there the conversation flows naturally – we might have some questions for you to help you talk more about what you do or we might dig a little deeper into something you’ve shared with us. You also have the opportunity to ask us questions. The format is very loose at this point and conversation will go wherever it goes! The show lasts for an hour max, but we don’t drag things out, if we’re coming to a natural close 40 minutes in, we’ll draw things to a close and ask you to share where people can find you. (This is your opportunity to essentially pitch yourself.) And that’s it!

Social Media Coaching

Who are we looking for to join us on the Green Umbrella Live Lunch?

There are a few sides to this – you could be any of the following!

  1. We want people with stories to tell that can entertain and inspire SME business owners. Inspiration could be related to business growth, mindset, leadership… anything that helps people push boundaries and gives them the encouragement they need to succeed.
  2. We want people who could benefit from the opportunity of sharing a live stage. We work with so many of our clients on how to get comfortable with video and live streaming, and sometimes, joining us as part of our panel can help get over those initial nerves! We’ll look after you I promise!
  3. We want people who perhaps need a little help marketing-wise and are up for a bit of live coaching. Imagine you had me, Christina, with my social media knowledge, Mark, with his design expertise, Jane’s technical know-how, and Amanda with her copywriting skills, all to yourself for an hour and you could ask us anything? We could work through a marketing challenge you have live on air, and you could walk away knowing the answer to your question!
  4. Occasionally, we might need to bring in an additional co-host. If you’re a fellow marketer and are thinking we wouldn’t want you on our panel, you might be mistaken! We work collaboratively with several other marketing agencies, so drop us a line and we can work out a show based on your specialism.

What’s in it for you?

Duh – you get to hang out with me and the GU gang!

For many of our guests, it’s been gaining the experience of live streaming that has benefited them the most. Obviously, you’ll also gain exposure to our audience and we’ll be plugging you on social media regularly and also pinging the live stream to our email database.

We’ll promote you as a guest prior to the show and give you some images you can use to shout about it yourself. The better the conversation is, the more people tend to watch! So we’ll make sure you get a copy of the MP4 after the live stream ends and access to any embeds, etc. so you can use it in your marketing activities too should you wish.

How do you get involved?

Fill in the form below! Let me know why you’d like to join us on Live Lunch (you can just give me a number from the list above) and give me just a line or two about you and your business, or perhaps what it is you’d like to discuss on the show. We’ll then set up a quick call to identify a couple of backup talking points and make sure we have an angle to ensure relevance for the audience and then if we’re both happy, we’ll book you in!

If you’re reading this and thinking you’re on the fence about joining us… hit the live chat button and tell us what’s stopping you! You’re probably someone who should definitely be joining us!

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