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Call now on: 01604 726758

Posts by Christina Robinson

Why is My Facebook Reach So Low?

Facebook Reach

Remember the good old days? You know, when Facebook was still a baby and when you posted you’d get endless people seeing and engaging with you?  It’s a dark and distant memory compared to the beast that is Facebook today! How did we end up here? And what can you do to maximise your Facebook…

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Three Core Attributes You Need for Your Business to Succeed on Social

3 core attributes you need for your business to succeed on social

After several years of supporting business owners with their marketing efforts, it has become clear to me what is required to ensure success when implementing a digital marketing strategy. It is so clear, that I have even been able to confidently craft a statement about who we help here at Green Umbrella. We help businesses…

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How Do I know I’m Talking to the Right People on Social Media?

ideal client on social media

This week has been full of meetings with our social media management clients reviewing progress and assessing the value of social media activity for their businesses. Part of measuring the success of social media is about knowing that we have reached the right people and attracted followers that are the target market of the business…

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75 Things to Post On Social Media

You know that feeling? You have to create the most compelling and engaging content for your brand – but you just don’t know where to start! We’ve all been there so, whether you are new to creating social media content or just suffering from social media writer’s block, this book is exactly what you need! …

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How To Get Reviews And Recommendations For My Business

How to get reviews and recommendations

Why is it, we all find it so hard to ask for praise? Even in a professional capacity? Gathering online recommendations is an ideal way to create social proof that can exhibit just how good you are delivering your services. In today’s world, we’re more inclined to trust the word of whoever we meet in…

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Social Media Masterclass for Recruiters

Apsco Social Media Masterclass

Whether you are a novice at social media or a regular user, knowing what to post and when can be a minefield. More importantly, ensuring your social media activity impacts your recruitment business positively is vital. This course provides expert training on how to elevate your social media strategy, so it builds your brand, creates…

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ROI of Events – How to Follow up Leads After an Event

ROI of events - How to follow up leads after an event

I’m not going to lie… two days of networking, speaking, selling and catching up with old friends at this year’s Rec Expo has left me absolutely cream-crackered. And I know my fellow Greenies will say the same! But we’ve invested. We pitched up at the NEC for the Rec Expo on Wednesday, worked our socks…

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