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How To Get Reviews And Recommendations For My Business

How to get reviews and recommendations

Why is it, we all find it so hard to ask for praise? Even in a professional capacity? Gathering online recommendations is an ideal way to create social proof that can exhibit just how good you are delivering your services. In today’s world, we’re more inclined to trust the word of whoever we meet in…

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Social Media Masterclass for Recruiters

Apsco Social Media Masterclass

Whether you are a novice at social media or a regular user, knowing what to post and when can be a minefield. More importantly, ensuring your social media activity impacts your recruitment business positively is vital. This course provides expert training on how to elevate your social media strategy, so it builds your brand, creates…

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ROI of Events – How to Follow up Leads After an Event

ROI of events - How to follow up leads after an event

I’m not going to lie… two days of networking, speaking, selling and catching up with old friends at this year’s Rec Expo has left me absolutely cream-crackered. And I know my fellow Greenies will say the same! But we’ve invested. We pitched up at the NEC for the Rec Expo on Wednesday, worked our socks…

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It’s That Time of Year Again!

It's That Time of Year Again! Rec Expo

As you may know, a large percentage of the work we do is, in fact, within the Recruitment sector. We work to deliver marketing services for recruitment agency businesses, and for other suppliers who serve them too. One of the key events in our calendar is The Recruitment Agency Expo, or Rec Expo as it’s…

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How to Crowdsource Ideas? #AskMeAnything

How to crowdsourceideas #askmeanything

September has, so far, been mostly spent on the road! Green Umbrella has been up and down the country speaking at various events and sharing our knowledge, hoping to help business owners learn more about how to make social work for their businesses. We always arrive at these events prepared with a slide deck ready…

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How do I know if I’m Posting too Often on Social Media?

How do I know If I’m posting too often on social media? - Posting cadence

How much is too much on social media? I’m often asked if it’s possible to post too much on social media. Does it affect algorithms? Does it impact reach? Won’t you just annoy people by posting too often? The questions comes in a variety of guises, but essentially, what people are really asking me is…

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How To Stay Up To Date With Social Media For Business

Are you using Facebook?

The truth is, simply using social media for business purposes does not make anyone an expert in the subject. At some point, most business owners say to themselves “OK, I need to get my head around this social media thing.” They head off on a social media workshop or book themselves onto a few webinars…

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Is it time you had a Digital Health Check?

Digital Health Check

As we move towards the final quarter of 2019, the astute marketer in you is probably starting to think about your 2020 marketing plan – I know scary isn’t it! Before getting going on that though, it’s essential you take a step back and review the current landscape, we suggest you do this by carrying…

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Social Media Marketing for Today’s Recruiter

Event: Social Media Marketing For Today’s Recruiter

This course, run by Recruitment Matters and delivered by Christina, provides everything you need to know about elevating your social media strategy to find candidates and impact your business. Who is this for? Whether you are a novice at social media or a regular user, knowing what to post and when can be a minefield.…

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