You can now “Go Live’ from the Twitter App!

You can now "Go Live' from the Twitter App! There have been a few changes to Twitter’s “live” features.

a) You can now add your Periscope account on your Twitter bio
b) You can now stream your desktop (aka a powerpoint presentation) to Periscope using their “producer” feature
c) And you can simply go live anytime from the application itself.

To go live from the app:-

* Launch the app
* Click “create tweet” icon
* Click the live button on the far right

Facts about Twitter live

* You can make your broadcast public or private
* Your broadcast will expire after 24 hours
* But, you can save the video into your camera roll if you want to keep it forever.
* You can not sign up to Periscope without a Twitter account
* You can block certain users from seeing your posts
* Unlike Facebook, there is no limit to how long you can live stream on Periscope for.
* Be careful of Bandwidth when using Periscope – it is very expensive!
* Also be aware that it drains your battery very quickly!

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