Add this to your reading list – Determined To Rise

Determined to Rise

Add this to your reading list – Determined To Rise

Determined to Rise

Most of us like a good book, and we’ve released articles previously on marketing books you should read, roll back a few years, and we had a whole series on business books you should read. Today, I want to tell you about another book you should read, it’s called Determined To Rise, but this one’s a little different…

I’ve been keeping this very much need to know for months now, but the secret is out!

In December, I met with the beautiful Chloë Bisson, a fellow woman in business with a story to share! Chloe wanted to talk to me about something, but I also wanted to share something with her for accountability purposes. 2022 was going to be the year I published a book. Chloe immediately spread this huge grin across her face and said, ‘It’s funny you should say that because the reason I wanted to speak to you is…”

Women in business

Chloe then went on to explain her intention to invite me to collaborate with her and a group of extraordinary women who were all telling their stories of growth, success and resilience through a co-authored book. It was another of those say yes now/panic later moments. (Those moments seem to work out ok for me historically!) When I discovered who these women were, their stories and the diversity among us I was proud to have been asked to be part of the project.

It’s an honour to work alongside such incredible leaders as we share our stories of determination and grit on our mission to help others with our gifts.

Caroline Martin, Co-Author Determined To Rise

Over the following weeks, all 16 co-authors have written, edited and come together to produce Determined To Rise, a book filled with inspiring stories that start off from a place of fear, sadness, hopelessness (all the things that can often stop both men and women in their tracks)… But, unsurprisingly, for a group of female entrepreneurs, none of that stopped these superstars.

Determined to… write!

It’s no secret I hate writing with a passion! Hence the need for accountability. I had started the year with a plan to write a whole book, not just a chapter, but wow, has the experience of co-authoring Determined To Rise opened my eyes! It was amazing to have been walked through the process, and the plan still is to produce a book myself this year as well; this is just the beginning!

The actual writing of this chapter struck a nerve with something I’ve always been uncomfortable about. Those who know me well in business probably know bits of my story, but few people know everything, and I’ve always struggled with the idea of telling my story publicly. (In private, I’m an open book, no pun intended, and a massive over-sharer!) Thank goodness I was part of a team of writers who were feeling the same!

I felt daunted at the task of writing my chapter, and it made me feel quite vulnerable but what made me keep going was knowing my words might help someone else who is having a tough time right now.

Louise Sargent, Co-Author Determined To Rise

Finding an angle that worked…

Writing this chapter and finding an angle that worked and meant I could share what got me to where I am today, was cathartic. Once I’d found that angle and started writing, I couldn’t stop! The chapter was written in one sitting; I left it a week before re-reading it and editing, but the edits were minor, and I submitted it – job done!

That’s when the overwhelm kicked in, although that was a product of the realisation… people I know are going to read this. OH CRAP!

I still don’t know how I feel about it. On a recent catch up with my fellow co-authors, we were discussing how we were feeling now we were simply days away from launch day.

Me: “I want everyone to read it – just no one I know!”

There’s a real excitement amongst us all as we approach launch day. We have a little Facebook Chat between us, and we’re all feeling the nerves, excitement and anticipation. I think Cristina, another of the co-authors, said it best.

As a co-author, I have been given the gift of realizing the strength I have through my own story while collaborating with inspiring women from all over the globe. Hearing their stories of resiliency and determination while building their dreams are the exact stories we need to see in the world today. I cannot wait to hold Determined to Rise in my hands!!!

Cristina Cozzone, Co-Author Determined To Rise

Be The First To Get Determined To Rise

The release date for the book is the 12th of April 2022. I’m so excited to see this become a reality, and I would LOVE for you to join the priority list so you can get your hands on a copy as soon as it becomes available.

Queens In Business

This book is being published under the Queens In Business brand, and so it is aimed at female entrepreneurs who perhaps have struggled either now or in the past to find the belief they need in themselves to push forward and thrive in all areas of life.

That said, in truth, these stories are just as relevant to men as they are to women, so whoever you are, you should grab a copy. Then I want you to snap a photo and share it on social media, tagging me in, of course… then you can read it. If you do know me personally, and you do, in fact, read it… don’t tell me!

Remember, I want everyone to read it, just no one I know!

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