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Digital Marketing Lingo – It Can Be Confusing TBH

Digital Marketing Lingo

If you're planning on making 2019 the year you jump in the deep end and take your digital marketing to the next level – then you’d better start learning the lingo ASAP! It’s acronym after acronym, abbreviation after abbreviation, and if you have been struggling with FOMO in 2018 then well, after reading this hopefully you’ll BRB after Christmas feeling ready to kickstart your SEO and SMM efforts…

OK – Yes. I’ll stop that now.

Basically, I just wanted to offer up a basic glossary for you. Warning – it gets a little silly.

(Disclaimer: This seemed funny when I wrote it. I often have to explain to people when I first meet them how funny I am. It’s kind of a warning.)

OK here goes!

Social Media Centric

  1. DM: Direct message
    Messages sent by frustrated purchasers who have received poor service from large brands using social media sites such as Twitter. Conversations usually start in the public domain and are quickly into a more private arena via DMs.
    OR, over-obviously automated tweets that make your brand sound like a robot when received by your latest Twitter followers
  2. MT: Modified Tweet
    Something you do on Twitter when you want to retweet something but can’t cope with the typos or grammar errors in the original tweet.
  3. RT: Retweet
    It’s the ultimate Twitter action of simply stating “Yeah, what he said”
  4. TBT: Throwback Thursday
    Use this on Facebook or Twitter to reminisce on past happenings, usually on a Thursday. Quite often it relates to questions like what was your first car? Or did you watch this children’s programme when you were little?
  5. UGC: User-generated content
    When you get someone else to produce content for your brand and share it, tagging you in and telling their network how awesome you are. Seriously though – This is something to think about for 2019, with influencer marketing on the rise and everyone developing their social platforms to create more personal experiences UGC is only going to grow in prominence.
  6. SM: Social media
    That stuff we all spend way too much time looking at and having an opinion on. Yes, even people who say they don’t do social media spend a lot of time talking about it and their opinion of it!
  7. SMM: Social media marketing
    The activity we should all be doing while hanging out on social media so that we can actually make use of the fantastic opportunity it presents us with.
  8. SMP: Social media platform
    Your poison of choice in the social media world. Your platform could be anything from a very long list, but the main four are Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram.

Things the techies say

  1. API: Application Programming Interface
    A bit of codey-wodey-goodness that makes software A talk to software B. The outcome of which is to aid efficiency (as long as it is working).
  2. CMS: Content Management System
    The thing that you log into in order to upload your blog.
  3. CPC: Cost per click
    If you're using Google Ads, every time someone clicks, you’re paying for it. Your CPC tells you how much in £££s
  4. PPC: Pay per click
    A bit like CPC – only this time (usually) you're saying how much you are prepared to pay. It’s your bid essentially!
  5. CR: Conversion rate
    How much did I pay out vs how much did I make?
  6. CTA: Call to action
    Imagine shouting in someone’s face telling them what to do next! That’s what a CTA does! Make sure you use them in all your marketing
  7. CX: Customer experience
    What’s it really like using your website/software/working with you? You know yourself, poor experience does not encourage you to buy!
  8. ESP: Email service provider
    Snooze – I can’t make this one funny.
  9. GA: Google Analytics
    Ah! Google Analytics is the thing that tells you if your online activities are actually working or not. A fantastic tool you should be looking at regularly, but as a Google product – it is, ultimately, over complicated and scary to figure out initially. Don’t worry though, once you know a few basics it is actually not as confusing as it is at first glance.
  10. RSS: Rich site summary (Also known as really simple syndication)
    A feed on a website that can be used to automagically announce updates, such as new blogs being added to a site, via email or other digital tools. There is more to it, but that is as simple as I can make it. If you want to know more – ask me! (FYI – if you use MailChimp you can use your RSS to automate a weekly or monthly newsletter!)
  11. SEO: Search engine optimisation
    There are a ton of activities that operate under SEO; they are all intended to ensure that when search engines such as Google or Bing look at your website they are speaking the same language, and therefore able to get you as close to position one as possible in search results.
  12. SERP: Search engine results page
    Everyone wants to be number one on the Google listings! When you are looking to see what position you are in, you are looking at a SERP!
  13. UI: User interface
    What’s in yer face as a user. (You were supposed to giggle there.)
  14. UX: User experience
    This is probably more relevant for websites – as a user of your site, is my experience good or am I getting frustrated with menus that don’t work and pages that won’t load?

Stuff the kids use

  1. FOMO: Fear of missing out
  2. IKR: I know, right?
  3. TBH: To be honest
  4. YOLO: You only live once

I would give you examples of how to use those – but I’m just not cool enough.

Good to know…

  1. WOM: Word of mouth
    The number one way most people build their businesses in the early days before they actually start marketing outside of their initial network. Also, what people say when they don’t know what marketing they’ve been doing and are too embarrassed to say ‘nothing’.
  2. ICYMI: In case you missed it
    I like this one – but I don’t think I’ve ever actually been able to use it!
  3. IMO/IMHO: In my opinion, In my humble opinion
    In my opinion means, you’re wrong I’m right. In my humble opinion (or I would say honest opinion) means you’re definitely wrong, I’m right, and I’m getting a little frustrated now.
  4. AMA: Ask me anything
    Means go on I dare you, Ask me anything – as long as it’s not too taxing, or you’ve given me a day to practice my answer.
  5. NSFW: Not safe for work
    Example – the photos taken at 3 am after the works Christmas party

And everyone’s favourite of course…

6. ROI: Return on investment

Ok – I did warn you it would get a little silly. But it’s heading into Christmas 2018, and I know most people are actually hunting down their bargains and figuring out how to avoid doing all those family duties they’d prefer not to do. SO, if you have taken the time to read this, I hope I’ve given you a little knowledge and a little light entertainment in between wrapping presents.

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