Do Not Get Distracted By Social Media

Do Not Get Distracted By Social Media Don’t get distracted by social media. Check out Anti-social for the mac.

Tool Alert!

When you are writing a blog article it is important to block out the distractions. Turn off your email notifications, make sure that you do not have your social networking notifications on. Being disciplined can be very difficult to do, but there is an answer to this dilemma in the eform of the software called Anti-Social

Anti-social is brilliant (although I am sure there are also other software tools that achieve the same results). Simply add your relevant social networking sites, or any other website that you may be tempted to view that will distract you (mine is Facebook!).

Once you have added your social networking sites, then you click the little icon on your desktop and set the time for how long you would like to be offline for. I usually set mine for 120 minutes. Now the magic happens….. If I try to access one of the website I receive a message saying “unable to access the network”.

Just turn it off then?

Nope – you have to shut down your computer completely and restart it to cancel anti-social. That is usually enough to say “do I really need to look at Facebook that urgently?”.

Do you suffer from the “Oh that’s shiny syndrome?”

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