Don’t Get Hacked

Prevention is better than cure… don’t get hacked! Hacked

Tool Alert!

Earlier in the year I was listening to a podcast by Social Media Examiner. It made me realise how vulnerable both I and my business were. What would happen if someone could hack into my emails? They would then have access to my social media platforms, my bank accounts, my amazon & ebay accounts – and this is what happened to Chalene Johnson. Hackers were posting porn and animal cruelty on her Instagram and Twitter accounts, and no matter what password she used, they had set out to destroy her. Listen to the episode here:

This particular episode had a profound effect on me and I immediately downloaded the app that they recommended called 1Password. It is brilliant! You can use it on all devices (yes, even Windows phones!), as well as Desktops. It also works on my Apple watch which is fab.

I feel that my personal and business life is wrapped up in a safety blanket now and I have no regrets.

I urge you to check it out – 1Password. Visit

Similar software is:
1. Lastpass –
2. Dashlane –

Have you ever been hacked? What are you doing to avoid being hacked?

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