Have you tried the Facebook live 360 yet?

Have you tried the Facebook live 360 yet? Facebook 360 video is an extraordinary experience. It was introduced in December 2016 and you can create a video where the viewers can move the video around to see your surroundings. It actually feels as if you are right there!

How do you create a 360 video?

* Create your 360 video in your phone. If you are using an iPhone then you can do this by using an external app called Splash. Some Android phones have the feature built into the video function.

* Upload your video to Facebook by adding a photo/video status update.

* On the advanced tab, and tick the box that says “recorded in 360 format”

* Click publish! It’s that easy!

Have you recorded any 360 videos yet? If so, post the link and I will take a look.

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