Have You Added Your Services To Facebook Yet?

Have You Added Your Services To Facebook Yet? If you supply a service rather than a product then I urge you to add a list of your services on the left-hand tab on Facebook (introduced in August 2016)

Not only will this instantly tell people what services that you provide, but it also has the added bonus of appearing in the services area on Facebook search (which has been kept very quiet up until now).

Facebook launched “services” quietly some time ago, and now we see the services tab on the left-hand side we understand why!

Go to www.facebook.com/services to see how the search works! It’s a bit like yell.com

Here are my tips for adding a service:-

Click on the left for > services
> add name (keep it as short as possible)
> add a price if it is relevant
> Make the description about the customer, not about the service. You can add up to 200 characters (one paragraph), so ensure you have a strong call to action.
> Square images work best. ALWAYS add an image for the best impact.

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