Facebook Tip – Change Your Cover Photo Regularly

Facebook tip - how often should  you change your cover photo? We have all heard the phrase “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. What is your current Facebook page cover photo saying about your business?

The Facebook Cover photo is your opportunity to show off your brand, and the cover photo is showcased loud and clear at the top of your Facebook page.

Update your cover photo at least once every two months to keep your page fresh. When you upload a new cover photo it is also posted on your timeline, giving your page greater visibility, so ensure that you always add a description, including a link to your website. Adding a description should never be ignored. Unfortunately, you can not add a description at the time of uploading, you need to click on it afterward and then add the details.

Why not theme your Facebook cover photos?

Here are a few suggestions:

* New Year
* Pancake Day
* Mothering Sunday
* Popular Sporting events (Wimbledon, Cricket, Grand Prix etc)
* Christmas
* Halloween
* Major Charity Events
* Or theme your covers around your blogging content strategy ideas.

Have a look right now. Click on your Facebook Cover photo and have a look at the date.

When did you last change yours?


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