Facebook Tip – How To Unfriend Someone Without Them Knowing

Facebook Tip - How To Unfriend Someone Without Them Knowing We all have those friends who talk too much on Facebook, or they just post really depressing stuff all the time. Perhaps it is an ex-employee, ex-spouse, ex-client or someone that is a competitor of yours.

But, we don’t want to unfriend them because:-
1. We don’t want to upset the person
2. We still want them to see and share our stuff

Did you know that there is now a way in which you can unfriend someone without actually unfriending them? They still think that you are friends, but little do they know that you no longer see any of their ramblings on Facebook!

Step #1 – Click on the profile of the friend that you wish to say goodbye to.

Step #2 – Click either “follow” or “following” button

Step #3 – Can you see the down arrow on the right? Click there and then scroll down to “unfollow NAME”.

You have officially unfriended them but
a) You can visit their profile anytime and still see their posts.
b) When they visit your profile it still says that you are friends
c) They can see all of your posts
d) If they interact with your content often then they will be fed your content in their news stream on a regular basis.

I hope you find this post useful – happy unfriending!

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